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A perm or permanent wave works by breaking, realigning and then reforming the disulphide bonds between the proteins in the hair. The reforming of these bonds cannot be perfect, so the hair becomes more brittle and weak. Some perms are more thorough than others at reforming the bonds, but all damage the structure of the hair to some degree.

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When not to perm your hair?

Okay, you should not perm you hair right after you dye your hair because you will be damaging your hair even more and the damage you are causing on your hair already will be increased.

How to make hair curly?

I think the best way, (which is unforunately damaging to the hair), is a perm.

Is a straight perm more damaging to your hair than a curly perm?

Yes. Relaxing (chemical straightening) has a higher pH than perm lotion, it is more alkaline, and is harder on the hair.

What is worse for your hair a perm or a relaxer?

Both are equally as damaging - same for texturizers. They all contain the same chemicals.

How long does a perm stay in?

A perm is permanent. It doesn't matter about the straightness of your hair. A perm breaks down the bonds in the hair that make it straight. The perm will last until your hair grows out.

Do you perm your scalp when you get a perm?

no, just the hair.

How long do you have to wait to get a perm after you wash your hair?

Wash your hair before you perm, but don't use conditioner. Damp hair is easier to wrap around perm rollers, and it's going to be a while before you can re-wash your hair after the perm!After the perm is finished, do not wash your hair for 48 hours, as the chemical bonds are still setting. If you wash your hair too early, it may effect the perm results. I'd also suggest getting your hair trimmed after a perm.

Is it possible to get your hair permanently straightened if so about how much money is it?

Yes it is possible is called a straight perm. Im not quite sure how much it costs though. Having any type of perm bare in mind is, EXTREMALY damaging to your hair and can have devistating effects in the future.

Swimming and then a perm?

Probably a bad idea. It will dry out your hair, and your perm will last for less time.This is if you swim after you perm your hairif you swim before, there isn't a problem. just get your hair washed before you perm it.

How do you get your wavy hair permanently curly?

you could get a perm or semi perm at the hair dressers

What can be used to clean perm out of hair?

Perms are chemical. A perm can not be cleaned out of the hair. A perm can only be removed by other chemicals, or time will wear a perm out. If you choose to remove your perm with chemical perm remover, you take a big risk of the added chemicals doing damage to your hair and scalp.

Can you use a color rinse on your hair after a perm?

It depends on the perm but it will burn though your hair because you would have just got it perm

If you water your hair after you get a perm will it make your hair look greasy?

Nope, but it will take the curls out of your hair and ruin your perm.

Will hair dye ruin your perm?

The perm may be weakened, but it shouldn't destroy your perm.

Do you use a neutralizer after the perm solution to get rid of a perm?

No. The neutraliser stops the perm lotion from working on the hair. If you just left the perm lotion on it would keep breaking down the bonds in the hair and the hair would be destroyed.

Can straightening a perm destroy your hair?

Any perm can destroy youir hair.They have those awful damaging chemicals in their products.Well texturizers does the ame thing.But actually their making money off their products you keep buying that's keep breaking up your hair.I mean you can starighten your hair with a straight iron.or style and curl it anyway you liek without a perm.

Can a perm mess up a hair drug test?

after a perm can you detect drugs in your hair folicles

How can a perm damage your hair?

Yes, however only when the person doing the perm does not know what the chemicals in the perm and neutraliser are capable of doing to the hair. Always ensure your hairdresser does a number of hair tests before perming the hair. If the hairdresser has done this and has experience of perming hair, then it will be safe to have a perm.

Can you remove the perm hair?

yes if it is with 12 hours of your perm

Can you wash your hair after a perm?

Yes. Most people confuse the two. Perm and Relaxers are different but with either you can shampoo your hair afterwards. A perm adds curls and a relaxer straightens the hair.

What happen if you wet your hair before you get a perm?

Nothing. They wash your hair immediately before a perm anyway.

Would perm make your hair go longer?

Perm or not it depends on how well you take care of your hair.

Can you bleach your hair after you relax or perm it?

NO, Your hair is already being damaged by the perm or relaxer. I would wait a while before applying bleach to it. It will kill your hair and will cause hair loss, frizz and damaged hair.

Can you relax permed hair?

You can depending on the condition of your hair. If the condition is good then it is okay to relax it. It can be very damaging to your hair though so if the condition isn't good then you should probably just let the perm grow out or use straighteners.

What is the purpose for the perm invention?

the purpose of a perm invention is because people who has thick hair and its messed up can get a perm and your hair will look better than it was before

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