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In some places, it is 7 or 8 miles deep!

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What are deep-ocean trenches?

Deep ocean trenches are deep slits in the middle of the ocean. The pressure inside these trenches is unbearable. long, curved valleys along the edges of the ocean basin

Where do giant squids live in deep oceans trenches or mid ocean trenches?

Giant squid primarily live in deep ocean trenches.

What ocean has many deep valleys or trenches?


What causes deep ocean trenches?

Deep ocean trenches are made where one plate is submerged under another

How deep do squid live in the ocean?

They live in deep trenches in the ocean.

What happens to the ocean floor at the deep ocean trenches?

what happens is the ocean floor does not just keep spreading.instead, it sinks beneath deep underwater canyons called deep- ocean trenches

What is the Valley on the ocean floor called?

The deep valleys on the ocean floors are called 'deep sea trenches' or just 'trenches'.

Are ocean trenches called deeps?

Yes because they are called deep ocean trenches.

Why does deep-ocean trench occur?

At deep-ocean trenches, subduction allows part of the ocean floor to sink back into the mantle. The ocean floor does not just keep spreading. Instead, it sinks beneath deep underwater canyons called deep-ocean trenches. Where there are trenches, subduction takes place.

Deep ocean trenches are evidence for?

Deep ocean trenches are typically the evidence of the collision of tectonic plates. This collision is often known as subduction.

How are deep-ocean trenches formed?

Deep-ocean trenches are formed where seafloor tectonic plates subduct under continental plates.

How deep are all the ocean trenches?

about 6 miles deep

Deep-ocean trenches are associated with?

Around the western edge of the Pacific Ocean

What happens at deep ocean trenches?


How deep is a ocean trench?

Some ocean trenches can be as deep as 10,971 m (35,994 ft).

In which ocean are most of the deep sea trenches located?

Atlantic ocean

What ocean has the greatest number of deep sea trenches?

The pacific ocean

What is a deep valley along the ocean floor?


Where does deep ocean trenches form?

at subduction zones

Deep ocean trenches are associated with what?

subduction zones

What is deep holes in the ocean floor called?


How deep does a ocean have to be to be called a deep ocean?

because of ocean trenches are so deep that man made water crafts can't go that low

What are deep ocean trenches associated with?

Deep ocean trenches are associated with subduction zones where an ocean plate descends into the asthenosphere. The Ocean plate is heavier than a Continental plate which causes the Ocean plate to slide beneath the Continental plate. As the Ocean plate descends, a deep ocean trench is formed.

Does the ocean floor has mountains?

Yes the ocean floor has mountains and deep trenches.

What kind of biome has deep ocean trenches?

An ocean is a huge marine biome

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