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Alexander Hamilton

How did Alexander Hamilton became famous?

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he signed the constitution.

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What was president Alexander Hamilton famous for?

Hamilton was never president.

Who are some famous Alexanders?

Alexander Hamilton Alexander the Great Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Hamilton became the leader of the Party?


Who became an enemy of Alexander Hamilton?

Aran Burr

Alexander Hamilton became the leader of what party?


Who were famous federalists?

Alexander Hamilton and George Washington were famous federalists.

Why is Alexander Hamilton famous?

duel with Aaron Burr

What did aaron burr do to become famous?

Aaron Burr had many accomplishments in his life, but what he is most famous for is the 1804 duel between himself and Alexander Hamilton in which he killed Alexander Hamilton.

Who was a famous New York congressman in 1787?

Alexander hamilton

Is Alexander a bad or a good guy?

Alexander Hamilton is really famous that's why he id good

Who was a new york famous person in colonial times?

Alexander Hamilton

Name two famous federalists?

James Madison and Alexander Hamilton

Who were the two famous politicians who were present at the convention?

Alexander hamilton and James Madison

Besides Washington name a famous general from the American revolution.?

Alexander hamilton

Were there famous people who supported the anti federalist?

alexander hamilton, john jay

Who was the famous founding father killed by aaron burr in a duel?

Alexander Hamilton

What famous American wrote most of the Constitution and the Federalist Papers?

Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton wrote 52 of the 85 essays.

Was Alexander Hamilton a conservative or a liberal?

Alexander hamilton was a conservative

What were Alexander Hamilton beleif?

Alexander Hamilton was to believed in war

What are the names of famous people with First Names that start with A?

Abraham Lincoln and Alexander hamilton

What School did the Rangers go to before they were famous?

Alexander Hamilton High School, in L.A.

What is the simple predicate in the sentence Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and became famous?

invented the telephone and became famous

Were Alexander Hamilton and rufus king friends?

Alexander Hamilton and Rufus King were good friends. They worked closely together to prepare the final draft of the United States Constitution. Hamilton helped King became a US Senator from New York.

Was Alexander Hamilton a federalist or a democratic republican?

Alexander Hamilton was a Federalist.

How many siblings does Alexander Hamilton have?

Alexander Hamilton had one brother, James Hamilton.

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