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They never heard of Vietnam before.

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When did the Americans in Vietnam start to fight South Vietnam?

Most historians accept the year 1961 as the starting point.

When did Vietnam War officially start?

1965 for the americans although conflicts started in 1959

When did the first Vietnam War start?

The Vietnam war started in 1961, and ended in 1975.

When did Vietnam war with Americans start in end?

i9t ended because they did not want to risk anymore soldirs lives.

Who was the president during the start of the Vietnam war?

Eisenhower and Kennedy both sent military advisers to Vietnam, but the actual hot war for Americans began under Lyndon Johnson.

How did the people react to the native Americans in the new world?

At first, all was pretty peaceful. The first colonists were friends with the Native Americans. But soon after they tried settling in, small conflicts with Natives turned into small wars, resulting in alot of dead colonists and many failed attempts to start a colony in the new world.

What time did the Vietnam start?

See website: Vietnam War

Who started Vietnam war?

America start vietnam war! Ok boi! Vietnam no start nothing!

What time of the day Vietnam start?

See website: Vietnam War

How did the Australia and Vietnam war start?

Australia never fought Vietnam.

How was president Kennedy involved in the Vietnam war?

he did not want the Vietnam war to start in the first place, but a bunch of rednecks ameriicans disagreed with him, and he ended up getting assassinated by a Jew .

When did the draft start?

The first US draft was the US Civil War. The last US draft was the Vietnam War.

What day did America start war with Vietnam?

Eisenhower first dispatched US Troops to RVN in February 1955.

When did the Vietnam draft start?

It started in WWII and continued up thru Vietnam.

Did it start with the Mercury astronauts?

The Mercury astronauts were the first Americans to go in Space in 1961.

Why did the first Americans go to the western hemisphere?

do all pandemics start in the eastern hemespher

When did 50 cent start rapping?

50 Cent's first appearance was in 1998 on a song called "React" by Onyx

What date did the Vietnam war start?

The Vietnam War started on November 1st, 1955.

When did the vietnam war start-?

The Vietnam war started in the early 1950 and ended in 1954

When did Vietnam start?

1963 you highschool dropout

What year did US get involved in the Vietnam war start?

The US had personnel in Vietnam since 1954.

What marked the start of the Vietnam War?

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution on August 7, 1964 is widely accepted as the start of the US involvement in the Vietnam conflict.

Did the Vietnam war start because Vietnam stopped the flow of goods to America?

The Vietnam War was about stopping the flow of communism. It was NOT about economic trade.

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