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most Americans felt that they were in great danger. this sense of fear led to the nationwide "renewal"- removal of one's left pinky toe

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What determines how you react to situations and how you are perceived by others?

Only you are responsible for how you react

How did Americans react to the threat of communism?

America issued the policy of containment in order to rid the world of the communist scare. Also Joseph McCarthy suffered severe attacks in his court hearings that resulted into the term McCarthyism. Later, the U.S created the CIA and the HUAC in order to get rid of those who were communist. In response Americans were scared that the communist party was going to over ride them, that the American government started persecuting those who supported communism, or were different.

How did the Americans react to the threat of nuclear war?

They built more nuclear bombs and even better weapons and they worked twice as hard to keep ahead of the Soviet Union.

How did the native Americans react to attempts to convert them?

The Native Americans react to attempts to convert them by resisted the Puritans.

What substance is a major threat to the ozone layer?

CFC's are a major threat to ozone. They react with ozone to deplete it.

How did Americans react to the increase in immigration?

Generally, Americans have mix feelings towards lager numbers of immigrates. How Americans react to an increase in immigration is generally negative.

How did the us react to the efforts to expand communism world wide?

The marshal plan

How did Americans react the declaration of independence?

They were excited

How did common American react to threat of a potential soviet nuclear strike?

In 1962 most Americans had a spare pair of brown pants ready as the missiles bound for Cuba got closer and closer to American soil

How did Americans react to presidents Wilson's stroke?

People did not react at all because they did not know about the stroke.

How did most Americans react to Mao Zedongs victory in China?

Most Americans were stunned

What are threats to a horse?

A horse is a prey animal, so in the wild they are hunted by big cats, such as cougars, and by wolves or coyotes.Perceived by HorsesTo a horse, a threat is anything that has changed, wasn't there the day before, or that seems scary to them (ex: a plastic bag moving in the wind, a big red tractor that was moved from one spot to another). They react to these as they would to an actual threat such as a predator, or a harmful animal such as a snake.

How did enslaved African Americans react to slavery?


How did the Americans react to the actions of the British?

They stood in opposition.

How did Americans react as the depression continued?

Americans were very angry and screamed due hungry and jobless.

Why is the ozone layer under threat?

The ozone layer is under threat due to the continues use of CFCs. These CFC react with ozone and cause a number of problems.

How did the Germany react to communism?

The Germans detested the Communists, even the Communists in their own country. Hitler killed off many of them. He attacked the USSR because they had resources he needed and he hated communism.

How did Aunt Alexandra react to Bob Ewell's threat?

she feels scared. but she doesn't take it seriously.

How did Americans react to communism in the US?

As the saying goes (or went), being called a "Commie" in the US during the 50's, 60's, and sometimes the 70's, was "fighten words!" It went along with the slogan, "Better dead than red."

How did the Americans react to Charles Lindbergh's accomplishment?

They greeted him as if he had power

How did the Americans react to 1920's?

Drugs and Booze

How did the african americans react to the dred scott decision?

Not well.

How did Americans react to Mao Zedongs victory in china?

Most Americans were stunned and blamed the Truman administration

How did Americans react to Mao Zedong's victory in China?

Most Americans were stunned and blamed the Truman administration.

How did Japanese Americans react to the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

They said they were not Japanese no more and that they were Americans now.

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