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How did Benedict Arnold become famous in the US?

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He was considered a hero at battles in Saratoga, New York and Quebec, but he is remembered today as the greatest American traitor of the Revolutionary War. He conspired to permit a British takeover of the fort at West Point. He escaped to Canada and spent the remainder of the war as an officer in the British Army.

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What was the name of the person who betrayed the US?

Benedict Arnold was one of the most famous traitors in US history.

What amerian general of the revolutionary war became the most famous tratior in the US history?

Benedict Arnold.

Who was a traitor to the US?

Benedict Arnold ETC.

Who is America's best known traitor?

I don't know about America's, but I believe Benedict Arnold is the most famous US traitor

Who was the us traitor of the Revolutionary War?

Benedict Arnold

Who betrayed the US in the Revolutionary War?

Probably Benedict Arnold

Who was the first American traitor?

As far as history can tell us, it was Benedict Arnold.

What happened to Benedict Arnold after the Revolutionary War?

His reputation in the US has become tied with the word traitor. But he lived a comfortable life in retirement in England. I'm doing a project on Benedict and I need to know more than he was a traitor! -14seneca5de

What was the most famous traitor in US History's name and what war did he fight?

The most famous traitor is definitely Benedict Arnold. He was a colonist who fought in the Revolutionary War. He eventually became a spy for the British when he got tired of losing battles.

Was Benedict Arnold a traitor or a loyalist?

Collaborating with the British while serving in the US army makes him a traitor.

Who was the highest ranking US military officer to be court-martialed?

I think General Benedict Arnold for Treason.

Where did Benedict Arnold sign an oath of allegiance to the US?

At Valley Forge in Artillery Park. May 30th 1778.

When did Arnold Schwarzenegger become a US citizen?


Which side was Benedict Arnold loyal to?

The British-since he committed treason we can't say he was loyal to US no matter how he felt after

What did Benedict Arnold do for the US?

Benedict Arnold and his troops created America's first navy out of wilderness in 1776. It was with this navy that the Americans fought the Battle of Valcour Island. More importantly though, Benedict Arnold's greatest contribution to the United States was his leadership and bravery during the Battle of Saratoga. Without Benedict Arnold, the Battle of Saratoga would have been lost; France probably wouldn't have come to America's aid; and Americamight not have become a country. Benedict Arnold did so much for the United States. He shed blood for this country twice! He put his life on the line by serving the American Cause. Not only did he give some of his own money to the Cause, but he gave his brilliant military skill to the American Revolution. Benedict Arnold's role in the making of America is a large one, and that is why he should be remembered as a hero more than as a traitor.

The first us navy ship to bear the name Enterprise was placed in service in what year?

May 18, 1775 - Benedict Arnold captures British sloop and renames her Enterprise, first of many famous ships with that name.

Can Arnold Schwarzenegger become Vice President of the US?

Unfortunately no, he cannot become Vice President of US, because he was not born in the US

How did Benedict Arnold betray America?

He contacted the British in May of 1779 with an offer of information about US Congress and or government in exchange for money.

Was Benedict Arnold a loyalist or patriot?

Given the term "patriot" means pro-US, and "loyalist" means pro-UK, Benedict Arnold was originally a patriot until he controlled Saratoga Fort and attempted to treasonously sell it to the British. At that point, he was seen as loyalist, due to his attempted betrayal.

How did Benedict Arnold change US history?

Benedict Arnold was a traitor during the Revolutionary war, and one of Washington's most trusted generals. Although him turning to the british side caused the U.s. army to lose morale, he did not really cause anybody to lose any major battles because of him.

Who is the most famous governor in the US today?

Arnold Schwarzenegger who governs California.

Why didn't the US Government in 1800 bury Benedict Arnold with full military honors?

Because he became a traitor to America when he switched to the British side.

Who are famous US naturalized citizens?


Will Arnold Schwarzenegger become US President like in Demolition Man?

No- he is not eligible to be US president because he was not born in the US.

What did Benedict Arnold help the us?

Yes he did help the USA He was a great commander and without him we might not have won the revolutionary war but he did trade sides and helped the British