How did Buddhism begin?

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The following is an exerpt from the book "Mankind's Saerch For God," published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society: "A Manual of Buddhism, published in Colombo, Sri Lanka, gives the following simplified account.

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Q: How did Buddhism begin?
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In which present-day country did the religion of Buddhism begin?

The country that the religion of Buddhism begin was India.

Where did it begin and buddhism?

was was in asies

Where did Buddhism and Hindusism begin?


Where did Buddhism kingdom begin?


In which country did Buddhism begin?

Buddhism began in India. It is now mostly practised in China.

Where did Hinduism and Buddhism begin?

In ancient India

When did it Buddhism begin?

473 b. C.

What two major religions originated (begin) in India?

Hinduism, and Buddhism

What did Buddhism and Hinduism begin?

Buddhism began with Siddhartha Gautama and Hinduism began with observations of the Earth and the universe.

How many years ago did Buddhism begin?


What religions begin in india?

Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism

Where in the world did Buddhism begin?

Buddhism began in India. It was the birth country of Guatama Buddha, the man the religion is based off of.

What part of the world did Buddhism Begin?

Buddhism was originated in India. It is a south Asian country

Where did Zen Buddhism begin?

It began in China where it is called "ch'an" or "Chan" Buddhism. It began when practices of Indian Buddhism were blended with native Chinese Daoist practices. It later spread to Korea (where it is called "son" Buddhism) and to Japan (where it is called "zen" Buddhism). .

What date did Buddhism begin?

Buddhism began in about 536 BC officially though buddhists believe there were other buddhas long before this.

What country did Buddhism begin in?

Siddhatta attained enlightenment in what is now India.

How do you begin to understand Zen Buddhism?

Zen is not something to "understand." It is something to do.

Where did Buddhist begin?

Secular practice of Buddhism began around 500BC

What are some Buddhism related words that begin with the letter U?


Where exactly did Buddhism begin?

Well you could argue that Buddhism began on the birth of the Buddha which was 623B.C. This happened in northern India, near the Himalayas.

In what decade did open persecution of Buddhism within the Chinese empire begin?


In what city and country did Buddhism begin?

Buddha was born in Lumbini in Nepal but taught Buddhism for the first time in Sarnath near Varanasi in India; either of these might be taken as the place where Buddhism started in the current era.

What year did Buddhism begin?

In approximately the year 600 B.C.Buddhism began around 500 B.C. According to the Buddhist calendar it is 2,553 years ago.

When did buddism begin?

Prince Siddhartha was born about 500 B.C. and the teachings of Buddhism were created in one lifetime.

How many still believe in the Buddhism religion?

The fundemental teachings of Buddhism begin with the Four Noble Truths. These describe the 'human condition'. They can be experienced personally rather than believed in. So many Buddhists follow the path of Buddhism rather than believe in it.