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Q: How did Carolina justify the secession by issuing a document?
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What similar document used by South Carolina to justify its secession?

Type your answeThe Declaration of Independence. r here...

What is the South Carolina declaration of causes and secession?

Ansewer to CHEIKH CODé GUEYE Declaration of the immediate causes which induce and justify the secession of South Carolina from the federal union.

Describe the arguments used to justify and oppose secession?

The arguments used to justify and oppose secession

How did southerner's justify secession?

They justified secession with the theory of states' rights.

What did the south use to justify their secession?

State's rights

How did the confederate state justify secession?

the u.s had been formed by a voluntary joining of states

How did the confederacy justify its secession?

the united states had been formed by a voluntary joining of states

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What argument did some southerners use to justify secession?

They said the USA was formed as a voluntary group of states, and any one of them could quit when they wanted.

What theory did southerns use to justifty secession?

The theory used by southerners to justify the secession of the southern states is that the states voluntarily entered into a union with each other, and should be able therefore to voluntarily withdraw from that union should they so desire, particularly since nothing in the US constitution states that the union is irrevocable.

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