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Charbray cattle came to the US. in the 1930's when Texan cattlemen brought in Charolais bulls from Mexico to use in their predominately Brahman herds. They found that the resultant progeny grew faster, weaned heavier and dressed better than their straight-bred cousins.

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Q: How did Charbray cattle come into the US?
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How did cattle come to the us?

By ships.

When did Hereford cattle come to the US?

In 1817.

What are the hybrid varieties of cattle?

Beefalo, Brangus, Santa Gertrudis, Black Maximizer, Senepol, Hays Converter, Black Hereford, Braford, Simbrah, Charbray, Brahmousin, etc.

Where do cattle come from?

Cattle come from other cattle.

When did cattle come to the US for the first time?

In the 1400's.

From which US state did the first cattle come to Montana?


Are charbrays horned?

No. Charbray bulls are not horned.

How did angus cattle come to the US?

Angus cattle were brought to Victoria, Kansas in the United States from Scotland by George Grant in 1873.

How can i make a charbray cow from a charolais cow?

That's real easy. Breed the Charolais cow to a Brahman bull and you'll get your F1 Charbray calf. Mind you, it's a 50-50 chance you'll get a heifer (which will "turn into" a cow once she has a calf) over a bull, so you may want to breed the dam until you get a heifer from her, if all she throws is bull calves. Either that or get more than one Charolais cow (preferably over 50) and breed them to the Brahman bull to get your Charbray cattle. Also, Charbrays are actually 5/8 Charolais and 3/8 Brahman, so you might have to breed the F1 offspring back to a Charolais bull to get a true Charbray cow...or bull.

What states do cattle come from?

Cattle are found in all states.

What colors do angus cattle come in?

Angus cattle come in 3 colors RED, BLACK AND WHITE!

Was cattle brought to the US because they did not originate from the US?

Yes cattle were brought to America. Dairy cattle from Europe and it is believed that beef cattle were brought over with slaves from Africa.

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