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How did Columbus treat the native Americans?


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Columbus's relationship with the Native Americans started out fine, but then as time went on it turned band and he started to wage war with them and he soon enslaved them.


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No, Columbus did not treat the Native Americans badly. However, it is written in history that his men did treat them badly.

The Arawaks were the Native Americans that met Columbus when he landed.

They enslaved them. Columbus wrote in his diary that the native Americans he met would make good slaves.

Columbus first interactions with the native Americans was friendly. Fighting came to broke out later while he was staying with the native Americans.

Columbus was said to have treated the Native Americans very poorly when he found the New World. It is said that he cut off the tips of their ears and noses to show power, and that he forced them into Catholicism.

How was Christopher columbus treated by the native people

Columbus called the Native Americans "Indians" because he thought he had reached India or Asia.

Native American treated Christopher Columbus with more than enough respect. They gave him and his crew all their tools. But then Christopher Columbus made them slaves so they started to dislike him. The native people treated Columbus very well , giving him food and shelter they thought of the Europeans as their white brothers. But Columbus did not treat them well, killing a lot then making the rest slaves.

Columbus found the Americas in 1492. When he landed there, he found the Native Americans. He wanted to trade goods with them.

no native Americans discover America because when christopher Columbus got there there were native Americans.

Columbus call Native Americans indians because he though he made to Asia or India

The European explorers saw the native people as less than human. With this thinking they could treat them as they wished. Columbus wrote in his diary that they would make good slaves.

the English treated the native Americans harshly

Christopher Columbus was the man who discovered America. He was surprised to find that the Native Americans were smoking tobacco.

Christopher Columbus treated the native Americans very poorly, he was rude, violent and killed all of them

I think that they were still alive then. There is a possibility that the native Americans were hiding when Columbus came.

Colonists should treat the Native Americans with respect and pay for their land.

The native americans smoked cigrate. and you really know what i mean

The Arawaks met Christopher Columbus.

colonists should treat the Native Americans with respect and pay for their land

No. The Native Americans did.

He killed them or took them as slaves.

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