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Without a successful D-Day, there might have never been an East and West Berlin, it would have been a mostly Soviet (Russian) controlled Germany.

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Where did dday happen?

In Normandy, France. All over the beaches

What does the d in dday mean?

dday means doomsday

What was dday about?

dday what a final attack of the axis powers on the allies no mate... dday was he day that the retard from America predicted the end of the world on 21st may 2011.. and failed. haha to all the believers.. if it was me saying we were gona die tomorrow.. you wouldn't believe me would you. but yeah dday is now 21st october 2011... which ain't gona happen either. so yeahh that's all there is. hope this helps :)

Where was dday located?


Where did Dday occur?

in Normandy, France

Where do you sign up for paintball d day?

For Skirmish Dday you have to call. I assume it is the same for Oklahoma and other big dday games also.

Why did climate change all over the world?

Global warming is causing climate change, and it is happening all over the world.

What is the date of dday?

6 June 1944

What was the US accomplishments on DDay?

They landed on Normandy beach.. and were pressing inwards into Europe to take down the Nazi regime

What event is depicted in Saving Private Ryan?


What is the Hindi word for data?

jaankaree, aank-dday

Who fought in D-Day?

Was Operation Overlord a success?

Was d-day a success? Yes. DDay is this

Why was dday called dday?

it stands for death day because so many died

When the erupts it can change the weather all over the world?

A volcano

What Tanks Were Used On D-day?

how many tanks were there durind dday

After dday invasion the germans?

After the D-Day, the days of the German resistance were numbered.

Is the world starting all over?

No the world will continue on and change as it goes we will not overlap what we have done in the past.

What are some battles during world war 2 including Normandy and d-day?

Stalingrad in soviet union Normandy/dday in France midway and iwojima in japan

What was d-day and why does it play such a part in the allies fate?

D DAY was the day the allies went to recapture france the battle following Dieppe In World War 2 in comparisson to WW1 in a sense dieppe was like the battle of the sommes and dday was like the battle of vimy ridge. Dieppe was a failure and the lessons learned lead to the success of Dday. Dday played an important part in the allies fate because the allies recaptured france who had fell to russia only 6 weeks into war. this marked the last battle in europe in ww2.

When was dday?

on Tuesday the 6th June 1944 6.30 in the summer time D.Day started

Why Did dday occor?

It started on June,6 1944 It started on June,6 1944

How did Steve Irwin help change the world?

raised many fonds to prevent the wildlife in his land, brought education over TV around the world, he lived to TRY to change the world.

How do you krilia evolve?

with the dawn stone and i think check every different time of dday and maybe

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It changed trade routes all over the world by connecting the Pacific and Atlantic.