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He tied Matt up in the ropes and climbed the Ladder. Lita also held on to Matt so he couldn�t untie himself. All he could do was watch Edge win the Match.

AnswerYeah he cheated by tying Matt up and having Lita make sure that Edge would win.
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Q: How did Edge beat Matt Hardy in the money in the bank ladder match on Raw?
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Who has the WWE champion belt?

CM Punk. He cashed in his money in the bank after Hardy beat edge in the ladder match.

Who do you think will win the ladder match between Jeff hardy and edge at extreme rules?

Jeff hardy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who won in the ladder match at extreme rules between Jeff Hardy and Edge?

cm punk

Did Jeff hardy beat edge at extreme rulesin a ladder match?

yes but cm punk after the match he bet jerf and done gts

What are the matches for wrestlmania 25?

edge vs the big show vs john cena randy orton vs triple H Matt hardy vs Jeff hardy money in the bank ladder match miss wrestlmania

Who won the first WWE money in the bank ladder match?


Who was the 1st Wrestler to win the Money in the Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania?


If you are talking to Jeff hardy what would you ask him?

Why didn't he just get the money in the bank in stead of jumping off that ladder on edge through the ladder and putting his body and edge's body on the line at Wrestlemania 23.

Who won at judgment Jeff hardy or edge?

Edge won to retain his title. After a very close match-up throughout the match Matt Hardy interfered by hitting Jeff with his cast wihout the ref seeing, knocking out an already hurt Jeff Hardy. Then at Extreme Rules there was a ladder match that Jeff won quickly losing the title to C.M. Punk who used hi M.I.T.B. contract.

Who was the first mr money in the bank ladder match?

edge man yall dont know

When was the first WWE Money in the Bank ladder match?

The first Money in the Bank ladder match was at Wrestlemania 21, the winner of that match Edge. He used the contract at the 2006 pay per view New Year's Revolution, defeating WWE Champion John Cena.

What is the current story between Edge and Jeff Hardy in the WWE 30.05.09?

Since the Royal Rumble in January 2009 when Matt Hardy Caused Jeff Hardy To lose his WWE Chamiponship .Jeff hardy has had chances to get a World Title from Edge but failed lke in the 6-Man eliminaton Chamber match at 'No Way Out' PPV .Their Rivalry was sidelined when Matt and Jeff Hardy had their own rivalry which continues until Judgement day when Matt supposedly cost Jeff another title match ironicly against Edge again ,when he struck Jeff illegally whilst the referees back was turned with broken arm in a cast which Jeff Hardy supposedly caused after their 'I Quit Match' Many Weeks Earlier. Edge Dragged Jeff Hardy in a weakend state into the ring and onto the tope rope and pulled off one of his finishers the top rope 'Edgecution' (Top rope lifting faceplant/DDT) and Edge won By Pinfall. During the following Friday Night on Smakdown; Theordore Long came out and announced a Re-Match at the Upcoming 'Extreme Rules' PPV. He also said that the stipulations for that match where to be determind by the winner of that night's Main Event and Jeff Hardy beating Edge in that match Chose a ladder match. Proclaiming he would win and end their long term rivaly "...which stared in a Tables Ladders & Chairs match Over 10 years earlier was to also end in a ladder match with Jeff Hardy as the new World Heavyweight Champion."

Who won 2007 money in the bank match?

Mr. Kennedy won the 2007 Money in the Bank ladder match against CM Punk, Edge, Finlay, the Hardys, Booker T, and Randy Orton.

What Matches Are There At Extreme Rules 2009?

Jeff hardy vs edge-ladder match. big show vs john cena-submission match rey mysterio vs chris jerico- no holds barred match. batista vs randy orton steel cage match.

Who was in the first money in the bank ladder match?

There was Edge, Chris Jericho, Christian, Chris Benoit, Shelton Benjamin and Kane. Edge won with chris Benoit almost winning.

Will Jeff hardy beat edge in his match at judgment day?

Nope, Matt Hardy Will Help Edge RETAIN Du Championship

Who win Jeff hardy or edge in extreme rules 2009?

edge won the match

Is edge the WWE champion?

yes at suvivor seirs he filled in for Jeff Hardy and won the match Jeff Hardy helped edge win

What WrestleMania was Jeff hardy knocked out at against edge by hanging on a ladder?

Wrestlemania 17

Wwe wrestler edge ever lose a ladder match?


Why does edge hate Jeff hardy?

he had a match at extreme rules and Jeff hardy won the world heaveyweight chamion and cm punk cashed his money in the bank contract the 2nd time brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who do you think is going to win the match at judgment day 2009 tonight with Edge and Jeff Hardy?

Jeff Hardy

How did Edge break his Leg?

in a un telivised match against Jeff Hardy

Who Said- i created the TLC match The sound of chairs crashing against a mans head is my favorite song Tables spliting in half i live for and the air between this ladder 2 the ground is mine?

Edge (Adam Copeland)Actually, It was Jeff Hardy, This is what happen: Jeff Hardy and Edge ( Adam Copeland ) were having a feud and they were supposed to fight each other on the up coming PPV. Jeff Hardy did a " Promo " ( he called some one out ) and it was him saying he remain the Heavy weight or the WWE champion (it was one of those belts) and It ended by Jeff Hardy saying " Edge you may think you can beat me but, i created the TLC match, The sound of chairs crashing against a mans head is my favorite song, Tables splitting in half i live for, and the air between this ladder 2 the ground is..........mine." then Edge came out and they shared a few words.

How did edge tare his acilies?

He was in a match on smackdown and he fell down of a ladder and tore it.. I think, lol.