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Northern blacks might have never relized the violence to their own race in the south. Emmett Till's murder was a spark in the upsurge of activism

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Why Emmett till important to the civil rights movement?

His murder & trial were the start of the Civil Rights Movement

What did Emmett Till do in the Civil Rights Movement?

His murder & trial started them.

What did the murder of Emmett till result in?

The start of the Civil Rights Movement

How did Jackie Robinson influence Civil Rights in 1949?

Yes, Jackie Robinson has an influence on the civil rights movement

What does the Emmett Till case mean to us today?

The start of the Civil Rights Movement

What was the significance of the death of Emmett Till?

Till's murder focused national attention on civil rights abuses in the South and mobilized the Civil Rights Movement..

What makes Emmett till special and interesting?

His murder & trial started the Civil Rights Movement

How did a Hindu belief influence the US civil rights movement?


How did television influence public opinion about the civil rights movement?

because it did

Did Emmett till death affect the lives of other blacks?

Yes, since it was the start of the Civil Rights Movement

How did the Montgomery bus boycott influence the civil rights movement?

it kept people happy

How did the civil rights movement influence people?

The Civil rights encouraged people to fight for their rights and and what the believed in under the belief that all men are equal under the constitution.

How did the blacks act about the Emmett till death?

They were supportive, & they were outraged. His death & his trial began the the Civil Rights Movement or "Negro Revolt."

Who started the civil rights movement?

jeuse started the civil rights movement

Why did the Civil Rights movement end?

The civil rights movement end in 1968

How did the civil rights movement happen?

the civil rights movement happened by..........................................................PENIS :)

Did Honduras have a Civil Rights Movement?

the revolutionary war lead to the civil rights movement

What role did Emmett Till play in the Civil Rights Movement?

It sparked outrage & started the entire movement. Till's case became a symbol of of the lack of justice for blacks in the South.

How did the Emancipation Proclamation influence the Civil Rights Movement?

It didn't influence it. There was over a 100 years difference between the two events.

What does a civil rights movement fight for?

A civil rights movement fights for the rights of all people. A civil rights movement wants to change laws that ensures equality for all people. There are civil rights movements all over the world.

Did Emmett till help the civil rights?

His murder did, yes.

How did the civil rights movement affect the gay rights movement?

The language of the civil rights movement has been used to fight the opposition of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights. The civil rights movement did not directly affect the gay rights movement, but it did influence some on how they could make their secret open and accepted by others. This eventually became known as Gay Liberation. It may sound similar to Women Liberation, the movement where women wanted rights to vote, get abortions, and have the same pay as men. Another term, Gay Power, originally came from the term Black Power which was part of the civil rights movement.

What type of movement is gay rights?

It is a civil rights movement.

What did Robert Kennedy do for the civil rights movement?

they helped the civil rights movement <3 APEX

Civil rights movement time period?

the civil rights movement was from 1955and is still going on

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