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How did Fredrick Douglass describe his mother?

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Tall, and had glossy, dark skin with normal features and was remarkably sedate and dignified.
He was separated from his mother when he was an infant and she died later and he lived with his grandmother who died when he was six and he lived with the Wye family or so called his master

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What was Fredrick Douglass's greatest accomplishments?

fredrick douglass wrote the narrative Life ofFredrick Douglass.

How many kids does Fredrick Douglass have?

Fredrick Douglass has 5 kids but one died

When this person was just a few weeks old his mother was kidnapped His mother was sold into slavery who was this person?

Fredrick Douglass

What does Fredrick Douglass look like?

Fredrick Douglass is a black man. also, he has white hair

What was Fredrick Douglass' opinion of the Gettysburg address?

what was lincoln,s opinion of fredrick douglass

How many children did Fredrick Douglass have?

Fredrick Douglass had five children one of his kids died at the age of 10(Annie Douglass)...

Where was Fredrick Douglass building?

Fredrick douglss building was in hollywood

Was Fredrick Douglass a abolitionist?


Who was the famous black person who was just a few weeks old when he and his mother were kidnapped and his mother was sold into slavery?

Fredrick Douglass i think

Who were Fredrick Douglas' parents?

Fredrick Douglass mother was a slave. He was taken away from her when he was still a baby, he really didn't have a relationship with her. He said that his father was his master.

When was Fredrick Douglass born and when did he die?

Fredrick Douglass was born Feb. 14 1817 and died Feb. 20th 1895

What was the names of Fredrick Douglass books?

fredrick douglas books names

What were the names of Fredrick Douglass's wives?

# Fredrick Douglass, had two wives , onee wasxx Anna Murray Douglass ,& the other oneee wasxx Helen pitts-Douglass...!

Was Fredrick Douglass a slave?


What did Fredrick Douglass do as a slave?

He did his mom!

Was Frederick Douglass vice president?

Did Fredrick Douglass become Vice President

How many kids did Fredrick Douglass have?


Who wrote my bondge and your freedom?

Fredrick Douglass

He said if there is no struggle there is no progress?

Fredrick Douglass

How was Fredrick Douglass famous in the civil war?


When is Fredrick Douglass birthday?

Febuary 1818

What was Fredrick Douglass interested in?

stopping slavery

How was Fredrick Douglass important?

supported slavery

How many sister did Fredrick Douglass have?


What were Fredrick Douglass hobbies?

playing basketball

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