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How did Geography and climate influence ancient Greece in the farms and trade?


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it influenced ancient Greece because the weather would change the way they lived

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The geography affected Ancient Greece because the climate and bumpy hills changed the agriculture. It would be harder to grow many crops in the hills where farmers worked.

All of Greece has a Mediterranean Climate.

Yes the Ancient Greece geography had some unique effects such as positives and negatives.

The climate is higher and hotter. So colder foods that can live in high altitude ( lack of CO2)

Bodies of water and Mountainous areas block off invaders and seperate the two civilizations or city-states. Another idea is the climate and hills changed the agriculture of the area.

The Climate in ancient Greece is very warm. Greece had very hot summers, and during winter it would only rain.

The peninsula of ancient Greece was synonymous with a Mediterranean climate. It experienced hot and dry summers.

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The climate in ancient Greece was a varied climate, with temperatures averaging 48 degrees in winter and 80 degrees in summer. The most common climate was the Mediterranean.Ancient Greece was very hot. In winter rain falls. In Greece, there are lots of mountains and small lowlands. The mountains were beautiful but made it hard for people to farm or to travel. In ancient Greece , the mountains divided the cities.

the environment influenced ancient Greece by helping them get their needs and the shaped how they lived.

The mountainous terrain of Greece made it so that the city-states were separated In which case made it so that they didn't have the same form of governments.

Greece was separated by short mountain ranges blocking off any influence from other societies. Because they were isolated they formed their own city-states. This means that cities governed themselves. Because of the poor soil most Greeks became traders and sailors. Trading was a big economy in Greece.

Ancient Greece influenced architecture a lot (with columns)

i bet your in year 5 or 6 trying to do a project on ancient Greece

geography affected how life in Greece developed.

Ancient Greece was a very mountainous area so the people mainly used the sea as a way of feeding themselves and earning money.Mountains cover about 80 percent of the land.

The geography of ancient Greece effected it in many ways. The mountains made it so that the city-states were isolated and the seas did so also.

Farmlands equal geography and geography was small making farmlands small and if farmlands are small then less food for Ancient Greeks.

The geography is mountainous, rocky, and barren. It is made up of a peninsula made of smaller peninsulas.

The Geography of Ancient Greece...Water Majorly Affected Because They Lived By Sea;It Was Used For Trade,Transportation and Food! They Used Water For Most Every Thing.

Katherine Clarke has written: 'Between Geography and History' -- subject(s): Ancient Geography, Civilization, Geography, Ancient, Greece, Greek influences, Historiography, Rome

because they neede to develope over time

Greece (ancient and modern) has a subtropical climate with warm summers and moderate winters.

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