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George Washington Carver

How did George Washington Carvers invetions have an impact on society?


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George Washington owners are Susan and her husband.

He didn't have a wife.

George Carvers mostimportant 2 inventions are the peanut proudoct and peanut butter

augustine washington mary bell washington

Moses Carver was the foster father of George Washington Carver .

he is famous for peanut discoveries

Mary. She was kidnapped and then the Carvers raised him. Their names were Moses and Susan Carver.

George Washington Carver was an intelligent, clever, confident and kind man.

She was George Washington Carvers wife and the name of his mother.

he liked to help farmers with there farm

He started school late and was adopted.

George Washington Carver was raised and lived on a farm! George Washington Carver is famous for the invention of peanut butter ,and cosmetics.

George Washington carver was never married therefore he had no children! He died alone.

He invented new industrial ways for peanuts.

He was born into slavery sometime in 1864 .

His Mom was Mary Carver. George and Mary were taken away and George Washington Carvers older brother, Moses found them.

George Washington Carver had both parents in his life. His mother was Mary Carver and his father was Giles Carver.

George Washington Carver's birthday is not known but he recalls that it was in 1864. He was born in Diamond, Missouri. Hope I helped!

he was a sciencetist at tuskgee instute make a good grade =)

It was bryce Jackson, dolton thomas and Michael wright

His mother was Mary Carver. His father was Giles Carver

crop rotation methods to conserve the soil.

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