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How did Hitler remove the Jews in the 1930s?


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the only Jews that were removed in the 30s were those that were arrested.

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Some of the prejudice acts of the 1930's were when Hitler was beating and killing the Jews.

he did not see a role for them in society.

Germans persecuted Jews in a number of ways throughout the 1930s. Almost as soon as Hitler came to power, the Nazis began boycotting Jewish owned businesses, and they required Jews to mark themselves with a star. In 1938, Jews are openly attacked and Jewish businesses are ransacked. This was the precursor to the roundup of the Jewish people into the camps.

yes, under his philosophy aryans should not have been led by Jews.

Hitler thought of Jews as vermin.

In Germany in the 1930s, Jews had to wear badges that identified them as Jews. Many of them were segregated from the rest of society in ghettoes.

The Nazis followed Adolf Hitler, whose goal was to wipe out the Jews and conquer the world. Hilter was an antisemitist and believed that Germans were superior to Jews so Jews don't have the same right to live.

He promised to make Germany great again, he promised to remove the Jews.

No Jews 'helped Hitler in elections'.

When did Hitler begin to eliminate the Jews in Europe

The Jews did not beat Hitler. Conversely, the Jews were slaughtered en masse by Hitler and the Nazis. Hitler and the Nazis were defeated by the Allied Powers in 1945.

The Jews hated Hitler because they put them in consentration camps and Hitler has killed over 8 million Jews

Adolf Hitler did in the 1930s

Hitler didn't manipulate the Jews, he tried to annihilate them.

Hitler used the Jews as a SCAPEGOAT for Germany's problems.

Hitler killed Jews in 1941 and 1945.

Hitler attempted to eliminate all the Jews of the world for a couple of reasons. Hitler did not like the Jews.

Hitler killed many Jews, so yes, Jews hated Hitler. But not necessarily. If you want to know, you should ask them. In many households, Hitler is not talked about or thought about.

Hitler and the Nazis hated the Jews; there was no jealousy involved.

Hitler ordered the imprisonment and deaths of millions of Jews in Europe.

Hitler made it clear that he wanted the Jews to be gone from Germany. When it became clear that no country would take them off of his hands, he proceeded to plan the extermination of the Jewish people in massive concentration camps. His goal was to remove the Jews (fellow human beings) in the same way that homeowners wish to remove cockroaches.

why did they call hitler what?

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