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What did hitler think of the jews as?

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Hitler thought of Jews as vermin.

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I think that non-Jews were divided in what they thought of Hitler

Jews revile him. (I think that is as polite a response as possible.)

Hitler made all Germans think that Jews were evil and that they were responsible about Germany's money problems.

Because it was the Jews that were persecuted by Hitler and the Nazis, they couldn't have thought fondly of him. --- Well, what would you think of someone who was trying to murder you? --- They were terrified of him.

He didn't think that, his mother died from breast cancer and Hitler was aware of that.

I think it was a faster way for him to kill Jews he didn't want or need.

No. Jews did not hurt Hitler. Hitler annihilated 6,000,000 Jews.

Hitler was extremely ignorant about economics and he chose to believe that the Jews were responsible for all Germany's woes.

I think the answer is that the effects on the Jews were racism.

Hitler put out propoganda about the jews to make people think that they were bad. he also did it so when he murdered and tortured the jews they would be less likely to turn away from him.

Hitler was xenophobic and did not wish for what he believed to be the "pure" Germanic races to mix with what he perceived to be "lower races".

No Jews 'helped Hitler in elections'.

When did Hitler begin to eliminate the Jews in Europe

The Jews did not beat Hitler. Conversely, the Jews were slaughtered en masse by Hitler and the Nazis. Hitler and the Nazis were defeated by the Allied Powers in 1945.

The Jews hated Hitler because they put them in consentration camps and Hitler has killed over 8 million Jews

Hitler didn't manipulate the Jews, he tried to annihilate them.

Hitler killed Jews in 1941 and 1945.

Hitler used the Jews as a SCAPEGOAT for Germany's problems.

Hitler attempted to eliminate all the Jews of the world for a couple of reasons. Hitler did not like the Jews.

well Hitler started killing Jews then the depression started. i think.

Hitler thought that Germany was their idea for killing the Jews but all along it was him who started.

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