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Hitler thought of Jews as vermin.

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Q: What did hitler think of the jews as?
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What do Jews still think about Hitler?

Jews revile him. (I think that is as polite a response as possible.)

What was Hitler's major event?

I think that Hitler's major event was the killing of the Jews.

Who did Adolf Hitler think caused the depression?

The Jews.

Did the jews think that what Hitler was doing was wrong?

Most of them did.

Why did Adolf Hitler think the Jews killed his mom?

He didn't think that, his mother died from breast cancer and Hitler was aware of that.

Did Hitler think about the holocaust or did he just do it?

he just did it to scare the jews

What were the effects on Jews because Hitler coming to power during the Holocaust?

I think the answer is that the effects on the Jews were racism.

What did Hitler think it would be like without the Jews?

A better world.

Why did Hitler think that Jews and non-Jews should not mix?

Hitler was xenophobic and did not wish for what he believed to be the "pure" Germanic races to mix with what he perceived to be "lower races".

Why did Hitler put out that propaganda about the Jews?

Hitler put out propoganda about the jews to make people think that they were bad. he also did it so when he murdered and tortured the jews they would be less likely to turn away from him.

What Hitler's parents think of Nazis?

they were proud and wanted to rape jews too

Why did Hitler torture those who helped the Jews?

Hitler hated the Jews.