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Hitler made German blooded children learn how to identify a Jew. they were taught that a Jew was usually recognized by his nose because it is crooked at the end. it also looks like the figure six. so is was called the " Jewish six". many non-Jews also have crooked noses too but their noses are bent, not at the end but further up. such a nose is called a hook nose or an eagles beak it has nothing to do with a Jewish nose. the Jew is also recognized by his lips. his lips are usually thick. often the lower lip hangs down. that is called "sloppy". and the Jew is also recognized by his eyes. his eyelids are thicker and more fleshy than ours. the look of the Jew is sly and sharp. they were also told that the Jews are spawns of the devil and deserved to be killed and it was their duty to rid Germany of the Jewish disease.

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What types of propaganda did Hitler use?

racismAdditional anserRacism is not propaganda. But you might use propaganda to convince people that certain races are not good - as Hitler did.

What did Hitler use media for?


How did Hitler use propaganda to control Germans?

hello people of the world, Hitler used propaganda because he was a cruel man

How did Hitler use propaganda to help his final solution?

Hitler and the Nazi Party used propaganda in every possible field.

What style of leadership did Adolf Hitler use?


What tactics did Hitler use to use to influence the German people?


How does Hitler use propaganda?

Hitler used propaganda by trying to get the rest of Germany to go to his side and nazism. He used posters and the famous nazi sign.

How did Hitler use propaganda?

Hitler used propaganda to convince Germans that Jewish people were ugly, evil, traitors, and that they were ultimately to blame for Germany's loss in WWI. Through propaganda, Hitler tried to make Germans hate the Jewish people.

How did Hitler successfully use propaganda?

Hitler successfully used propaganda in a variety of ways in Germany. For example, he convinced the population that the economic problems of Germany were caused by the Jews.

Use of propaganda for fear?

properagand was a thing where hay Hitler used

How was Hitler able to unite Germans?

through the use of the propaganda strength-through-joy.

What kind of controls did hitler use to control germany?

Propaganda, Terror and controlled education

Did Hitler use television for propaganda in Germany?

Television had not been developed by then to be a useful tool for this purpose.

Did hitler use propaganda poster to make germans hate jews?

Hitler and his subordinates vilified Jews using propaganda posters, film, radio, books, newspapers, and other media, even children's board games.

How did the use of Propaganda help Hitler to enact a violent elimination programme against Germany's Jews?

he used goebals and well that is it goebals was very good with propaganda

What is a good propaganda subject?

In World War II, Hitler used a lot of propaganda to incite the Germans against the Americans. Likewise, America had a lot of propaganda cartoons about Hitler (see Der Fuhrer's Face, a Donald Duck cartoon. You can find it on YouTube.) I would use these subjects to write about.

How did Hitler get the attention of the German people?

Propaganda, and the use of many speechs to bring his position up to power.

How did the Nazis use what was the new technology?

Hitler used the newly perfected radio as a avenue for the distribution of propaganda.

In the first phase of the Holocaust Hitler and the Nazis were successful in separating the Jews from the rest of the population with the use of .?


Why did Adolf Hitler use propaganda?

Hitler used propaganda because it is one of the best ways of controlling gullible people. Most leaders use propaganda as an effective tool to manipulate their sycophants into the practice of blind loyalty. Many people of the world today continue to follow their political, religious, cultural and ethnic leaders with blind faith and adoration.

What tactic did Hitler Stalin and Mussolini use to gain support?

They all used propaganda and threatened or killed their critics.

What methods did Hitler use for propaganda?

Ich weiß nicht, sagen Sie mir bi sexuellen freak

Why did Hitler target children?

If you mean why did Hitler target children for extermination: Hitler's goal was to exterminate the entire Jewish race. At concentration camps, prisoners were used as forced labors. Since children were smaller, weaker, and not as productive, Hitler had no use for them. If you mean why did Hitler target German children with propaganda: Hitler bombarded young German children with Nazi and anti-Jew propaganda to teach them at an early age to hate the Jewish people.

Was the use of propaganda the main reason Hitler was able to establish a dictatorship of the Nazi Party in the years 1935-39?


How did the Treaty of Versailles sow the seeds of a future war in europe?

It humiliated the people of Germany, and Hitler was able to use it to kindle his propaganda.