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How did Honda get its name?

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How did Honda get its name ? From the company founder Soichiro Honda.

2008-01-20 05:00:45
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The Honda motor company gets its name Honda from?

From what I understand, that was his name. Mr. Honda.

How did the Honda Pilot gets name?

from a pilot name honda.

What is meaning of Honda in Honda company?

It's short for Soichiro Honda, the name of the person who founded Honda.

Who is mr Honda?

Mr. Honda is the founder of Honda Motor Company who's name is Soichiro Honda.

What does the name Honda represents?

Soichiro Honda was the founder of what is now Honda motor company.

Honda motor company gets its name Honda from?

An Engineer

The Honda motors company gets its name Honda from?

a river

What does Honda mean?

Honda Motors Inc received its name from it's founder Soichiro Honda. Sources indicate the meaning of the name to be "original Rice Paddy".

Honda stands for?

Honda is the last name of company founder Honda Sōichirō.

What is meaning of Honda?

That is the last name of the founder of the company Soichiro Honda.

What is the name of Honda Tohru's mother?

Im not sure exactly how to spell it but her name is Kyoko Honda. hope that helped :)

How is Honda related to Greek mythology?

Its not, "Honda" is a Japanese family name, specifically the family name of the founder of the company.

Can you use Honda in a business name?


Is Honda a noun?

No, it is a proper name.

What brand name of motor oil is used in a Honda Accord?

You can use any name brand oil in your Honda. I use Pennzoil but that is my choice.

How is Honda odyssey related to the greek mthyology odyssey?

Honda odyssey gets its name from the Greeks

Who made the first Honda motorcycle?

The clue is in the name - it was made by a company led by Soichiro Honda.

Did Honda produce a car called the Honda acura?

No, Acura is the name of Honda's Luxury line.

How did the mini van The Odyssey get its name?

some on at Honda chose the name.

Name A car that starts with an H?


What is the name of the song heard in the Honda Odyssey commercial?

The name of the song in the Honda Odyssey commercial is called "Slow Ride" by Foghat. Hope this helps! :)

What is the name of the founder of Honda motorcycles?

That would be Soichiro Honda. Their earliest motorcycle was the Model D in 1949.

How did the Honda Dio get its name?

The Honda Dio derived its name from Deos meaning godly or omnipotent. Its named as such to invoke a sense of superiority in the motorized vehicle category.

What is the name of a car starting with the letter h?


Can You Name A car that begins with h?

Honda Civic