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There is no mention in The Bible of the Prophet Isaiah ever disobeying God. The book of Isaiah is one of two books in the Bible that speaks directly of the wrath of the Lord.

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Who were the first humans to disobey god?

Adam and eve were the first humans to disobey god.

Why did Moses disobey God?

Moses became angry, which caused him to lack self-control and disobey.

How did god appear to isaiah?

God spoke to Isaiah through dreams. He had a voice, but no aspect.

Why was it necessary for God to test Adam and Eve?

God was not testing them. it was their own sinful nature that made them disobey God.

What do people fight?

People fight against the need to follow the will of God, or the temptation to disobey the will of God.

How does God judge in the book of Isaiah?

veses in isaiah book of Times of Judges

What does God show us when you disobey him?

If something goes bad in your life it could be god pinishing you for sinning, but god DOES EXIST.

Did Moses not disobey god by not killing all the Canaanites?

no and what are cananitesno and what are cananites

What does the name Isaiah mean?

God, my SaviourSalvation Of God

Did Isaiah break the covenant with God?

No. Isaiah was superlatively pious and observed the Torah in full.

How do you put disobey into a sentence?

When using disobey in a sentence you will normal use it at the start otherwise it usually won't make sense. If you want to use disobey in the middle of a sentence then you will usually used disobeyed rather than disobey. Here are some examples. 1) Disobey an injunction without reasonable excuse. 2) Disobey and order. 3) She would not disobey Abraham in any way, for which god honored her. 4) He disobeyed his dad. Hope this helps :)

Why do people disobey god but then turn to him for help?

people only disobey god when there are no major tensions or worries in there lives when peoples lives are hassle free they do not remember god. But when these people are facing a hard time and cannot find the solution to the problem then he/she turns to god for help as a last resort.

How did Aaron disobey God?

It was Aaron who was the leader when they made the golden calf, etc.

How did Solomon disobey God?

He married foreign women, who then led him to worship idols.

Was the devil a falling angel?

He was a jinn not an angel. Angels cannot disobey God.

What miracle did God use Isaiah to perform?

When Hezekiah was sick, Isaiah told him he would get well, and Hezekiah asked for a sign. Isaiah asked God to make the sun go backwards ten steps.

How did God call Isaiah to ministry?

The call of Isaiah is recorded in chapter 6:1-13.

What does Isaiah mean in Hebrew?

Isaiah is Yeshayahu (ישעיהו), which means "God is help".

Why did the prophet Isaiah responded to the call in Isaiah 6v8?

First when god called Isaiah , he refused but later said he would go to do the work.

Isaiah the story of his call from God?

When called Isaiah , first Isaiah refused to the call, saying I am a man of unclean lips I can not do the work you ask of me.

Who saw a vision of God in the temple?

You may be referring to the prophet Isaiah. The Biblical reference is Isaiah 6.

Was Isaiah a politician or a prophet?

Isaiah was a prophet only. Any seemingly political actions or statements on his part, were only in the context of his being prophetically instructed by God. See also:Israelite prophecy

What does God show us when we disobey him?

He is incredibly patient and forgiving if we repent and ask forgiveness.

Did Abram disobey God?

All people, inclduing Abraham, are sinners (Romans 3:23), except for Christ Jesus (1 Peter 2:22). So, Abraham did disobey at least one of the commandments of God at at least one point in his life. Though, he was more of an obedient man to God. He had faith in God, put his trust in God.

What is a sentence for disobey?

The word disobey is found in the dictionary.

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