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What does the name Isaiah mean?

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God, my Saviour
Salvation Of God

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What does the name isiah mean?

The name Isaiah is a Hebrew name. It is said to mean "The Salvation of the Lord". It is a very popular baby name.

What is the birth name of Isaiah Jarel?

Isaiah Jarel's birth name is Isaiah Williams.

What is the birth name of Isaiah Lester?

Isaiah Lester's birth name is Isaiah Jamal Lester.

What is the birth name of Isaiah McGregory?

Isaiah McGregory's birth name is Isaiah James McGregory.

What is the birth name of Isaiah Evans?

Isaiah Evans's birth name is Johnny Isaiah Evans.

What does the name issiah mean?

I'm guessing that Issiah is a variant spelling of Isaiah. Isaiah was a major prophet of the Old Testament, and his name meant "Yahweh (God) is salvation".

What is the birth name of Alexander Isaiah Thomas?

Alexander Isaiah Thomas's birth name is Alexander Isaiah Thomas.

What is the igbo translation of the name Isaiah?

Isaiah = Aịsaịa

Why is the book of isaiah named isaiah?

The Book of Isaiah is named after its author, the Prophet Isaiah. His name translates: The Lord is the strength of my salvation.

What does Isaiah mean in Arabic?

Isaiah عيس‎ means Jesus in arabic

Is the name Isaiah a girls or a boys name?

in fact many people with the name isaiah are boys but so far i only know one girl named isaiah because that's me :)

Is Isaiah a girl name?

Isaiah can be used as a girl's name as well as a boy's name. Sometimes it is spelled "Isaya" for girls.

Is Isaiah a nice name?

no, its a hot name

How do you say Isaiah in Spanish?

My son name is isaiah but i spelled in spanish which is isaias

When is the prophet Isaiah first mentioned in the Bible?

Isaiah gives his own name in the Book of Isaiah, verse 1:1.

What does Isaiah mean?

Salvation Of God

What does Isaiah mean in Hebrew?

Isaiah is Yeshayahu (ישעיהו), which means "God is help".

Do you like the name Isaiah?

No that name is stupid and weird yea.know a guy named Isaiah. And had a cousin named that. It's not stupid either. It's a biblical name.

Who are the parents of Isaiah?

Both parents of Isaiah are not listed in the Bible. Only his father's name is listed, it was Amoz. Isaiah was a prophets who is the main figure in the book of Isaiah that is found in the old testament of the Bible.

How many children did Isaiah the prophet have?

Isaiah the prophet have a least one son, whose name was Maher-shalal-hash-baz. His name meant "speed the spoil." Read Isaiah 8:1-3.

Longest name on the Bible?

Mahershalalhashbaz: Isaiah 8:1, 8:3. The child of Isaiah and 'the prophetess.

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