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I like the question, if you'll pardon my saying so. Not enough people ask the basic questions and get tripped up by it, later on. Jesus is one part of the Holy Trinity, wholly God and man. -As God, he is incapable of sin because of his divinity. (In fact, no sin can abide in or with a Holy God.) His sinless nature made him the sin offering, begun in the Old Testament, for our sins. Just as the blood of unblemished sacrificial animals were once offered in the temple. That is where we get the Lord's Supper, where we remember His sacrifice for our sins. I hope that others can offer more, as I know that there are others that are far more knowledgeable than I. I just wanted to answer the question because it is a very good one.

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Why did Mary Jesus mother go to the temple for sin offerings following His birth if she was sinless?

she was not sinless. no one was sinless but Jesus Christ

Did Jesus lust?

As Jesus was sinless he had no lust in him.

How was StFrancis of assisi like Jesus?

He not be compared to Jesus. as Jesus was sinless.

Was Mary sinless find verses?

There are no verses, but she was not sinless. Only Jesus was. If she were sinless, then she would have been able to die for our sins. The Bible is clear that Jesus is the only one, and the only way to the Father.

In what way is Jesus truly different from us?

Jesus is God. He is and was sinless.

What did Jesus do that Adam and Eve failed to do?

Jesus lived a sinless life.

What was Jesus character?

He was holy and also sinless.

How Can You Be Jesus?

You can try to be like him, that is to try to live your life as sinless as can be but no one can be Jesus but Jesus.

Why jesus rejected the temptations?

As Jesus was sinless , he could not fall into sin in the wilderness.

Would Jesus Christ be prejudiced and why?

No Jesus was not prejudiced as he was the sinless Son of God.

What are Jesus Christ qualities and attributes?

he was sinless and caring

Why was Jesus baptised when he was sinless?

Jesus was mainly baptised , as after that only did he start his mission on earth.

How would you describe Jesus?

jesus was a holy man who was sinless and also the son of god

Jesus was sinless so why was he baptised?

as an example to all people

Is Jesus a peadophile?

You must have Him confused with Catholic priests. Jesus led a completely sinless life.

Where is it mentioned in the bible that Jesus had a wife?

Nothing is mentioned in the Bible about Jesus having a wife. Jesus is the Son of God. He is sinless.

Was Joseph the father of Jesus sinless?

No, Joseph was a human with a sinful nature.

Was there anyone in the bible that did not sin?

Jesus was the only one not to sin as he was sinless.

How do you know Jesus didn't get drunk?

because being drunk is a sin and the bible says that Jesus was sinless

Why didn't Jesus have kids?

Jesus was sinless and neither was he married or had affairs to fall in sin ,so he had no children.

Was Jesus intimate with Mary Magdalene?

No not at all, you must remember that Jesus was absolutely sinless so this can not happen.

Why did God use a poor servant girl to give birth to Jesus?

That's what He was looking for. She loved God and followed His Commandments. This does not mean she was sinless, only Jesus was sinless. Mary had need of a savior as we all do.

Did Jesus have a daughter?

No, Jesus was not married nor did He have an afair with any woman. He is the sinless Son of God. He did not have any children.

Has Jesus had any children?

No Jesus had no physical children. He was the Son of God and was pure in every way. He was sinless. He was not married!

Is Jesus marred to saint madlen?

No, Jesus is the Son of God. He was never married. He never had an affair. He was Holy and sinless.

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