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Equal to what?

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Will all Jews converted to Christianity?

Some Jews become Christians, some Christians become Jews and even more Jews become atheists, or "secular Jews". A healthy society should see conversions from one to the other, in each direction.

Can you become an orthodox Jew?

Yes, non-Orthodox Jews can become Orthodox by becoming more observant. Non-Jews can become Orthodox Jews through Orthodox conversion.

Can Jews change their religion after their bar mitzvah?

If they do, they become Apostate Jews.

Will all Jews convert to Christianity?

Some Jews become Christians, some Christians become Jews and even more Jews become atheists, or "secular Jews". A healthy society should see conversions from one to the other, in each direction.Jewish answer:No. Jewish converts to Christianity will be, and have always been, a minority.

Jews and Greeks were equal teaching according to?


What teachings allowed Greeks and Jews were equal?


How did the Jews become outsiders in 1941?

In German occupied Europe Jews were segregated by law.

When did Moses become the founder of the Jews?

Moses was not the founder of the Jews , the real father is Abraham.

Why did Jews become Kosher?

It is written in the Torah.

Are Jews better than Christians?

Jews and Christians are equal. There are both good & bad people in both religions.

What year are the Jews in?

2010 is equal to the Jewish year 5770.

Why did Adolf Hitler want the Jews to become blue-eyed blond Germans?

Adolf Hitler did not want Jews to become Aryans (his mythical Nordic blue-eyed blond race), he wanted the Jews to be expelled or killed and for Aryans to become the dominant and only race in Germany.

Why is racism against jews wrong?

Because the world should be equal

Why did the Jws hate the Samaritans?

The Jews hated the Samaritans because the Samaritans were Jews that intermarried with Gentiles. They considered them not equal and a lower caste.

What could Jews do and not do during World War 2?

Before Hitler become leader Jews were ordered to wear gold stars and were restricted as to where they could go and how they could get there. After Hitler become the leader Jews were put in concentration camps that they were not allowed to leave.

Did adolf hitler ever become friends with jews?


Why did street dance become a big thing?

because of jews

Who said Christians must first become Jews?


Does a rhombus have equal diagonals?

No. If they were equal the rhombus would become a square.

What rule must be applied to inequalities when you divide or multiply by a negative number?

You have to flip the inequality sign. If it is less than(<) it has to become greater than(>). If it is greater than(>), it has to become less than(<). If it is less than equal to(<=), it has to become greater than equal to(>=). If it is greater than equal to(>=)., it must become less than equal to(<=).

When did King Herod become ruler of the Jews?

In the year 37 BCE.

Why did Jews become the chief source of loans?

They like dealing with money.

What has the slaughter of the Jews by hitler become known as?

It is often referred to as the Holocaust.

How were the Jews treated up to 1940?

Assimilated Jews were barely tolerated. Orthodox Jews were were ridiculed despised and hated. Ordinary, working class Jews were needed, tolerated and held in a state of limbo. Germany's Nuremberg laws made them all equal.

What do you need to know to become an citizen of Israel?

There is no test of knowledge to become a citizen of Israel for either Jews or non-Jews. Jews can become citizens through the Law of Return, which grants citizenship based on person's Jewish heritage. Non-Jews can typically become citizens through being born in Israel, being reunified with family members in Israel, or by having their application for citizenship approved by the Israeli Department of the Interior. See the Israeli Government site below for more details.

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