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How did Jews view Hitler before the Holocaust?

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As far as I know, before Hitler came to power, most German Jews assumed that his anti-semitism was mainly a matter of rhetoric, and they didn't expect the Nazis to introduce anti-semitic decrees or laws. (Many Germans expected the Nazis to calm down once they had government posts). By all accounts, when the first anti-semitic decrees were issued in April 1933, most German Jews had immense difficulty coming to terms with and even understanding what was happening to them. This non-comprehension continued for perhaps a couple of years or so. In some cases there seems to have been a certain paralysis, numbness and despair. Obviously, the Jews loathed Hitler. On the other hand, those German Jews who were active Socialists or Communists had few illusions and generally had a much better grasp of what was going on. However, they were only a small minority of the German Jews. Attitudes among Jews outside Germany were broadly in line with those in Germany. After all, the country had a reputation for being highly civilized. Joncey

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Q: How did Jews view Hitler before the Holocaust?
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Did Hitler's negative view on Jews have an connection with the Holocaust?

Yes, Jews were especially targeted by Hitler and the Nazis.

What started the holacoast?

Hitler and the Nazi party's hatred and fear of Jews started the Holocaust.______________An alternative view is that the invasion of the Soviet Union started the Holocaust.

What was the Holocaust like in the Jew's point of view?

The point of view of the jews was that hitler was a figment of satin, evil as can be. They fought with the nazi's points of view and didnt believe that the nazis should be heeding the orders of hitler.

How do Jews view Adolph Hitler?

Jews have a great amount of antipathy for Hitler and see him as a symbol of true sinfulness.

What happened to the Jews' shoes in the Holocaust?

The shoes were collected with a view to recycling them.

How do Jews view the Holocaust?

It depends on their background: Ashkenazi Jews view it as the "quintessential tragedy of the 20th century." ___ For many Jews the Holocaust has become a central and integral part of Jewish identity: they have become, so to speak, 'the People of the Holocaust', though this expression is not used. It may be the case that this is felt more strongly by secular (that is, non-religious) Jews than by practising religious Jews. The Holocaust raises a number of difficult theological questions, and not only for Judaism.

How did the holocaust contribute to change the world's view towards the Jews?

it did more to change the way that the world treated Jews.

Was helping the Jews in the holocaust a good thing?

You would need to be a racist to view it any other way.

Why did Hitler call the Jews a race?

The view that the Jews are not just a religious community but also a race was very widespread at the time - and still is.

What was the Holocaust like in the Nazis point of view?

The Nazi's called it the "Final Solution" for the "Jewish problem". The Nazi's considered this revenge for all the things that the Jews had done (or accussed of doing). The truth did not matter. Hitler had convinced enough Germans to hate the Jews, and then kill them for things that they were falsely accussed of.

Why did the Holocaust begin?

The Holocaust began because Hitler wanted to purify Germany from anyone who wasn't German, or "Aryan" - the new race he wanted to make. Read "Mein Kampf" to learn more about his anti-semtism (hatred of the Jews). Please see the related answers, which give a rather wider view.

How did Nazis view Jews?

Nazis viewed Jews as a threat to Germany. Because Jews were rich and in power of banks etc. they were thought to be greedy and selfish. Hitler did not approve of this because he thought that Germans should be wealthy in their country, not Jews. This is one of the many reasons why Hitler loathed Jews. Hope I helped :)

How did Jewish citizens view Hitler?

Jews viewed Hitler as a sadist and terrorist because he mentally insane and exterminated allot of their of people and treated them like dogs.

How did Hitler view martin Luther king?

Two different eras. Hitler died before King was born.

Has anyting like the Holocaust ever happened before?

Yes, there gave been several instances of genocide in history. The case that is most obviously comparable to the Holocaust is the systematic massacre of the Armenians by the Ottoman Turks in 1915-17. An estimated 1.2 million Armenians were killed. Some Jews insist on the 'uniqueness' of the Holocaust, but this view is disputed.

Did Hitler know about the extermination of Jews when it first began or did Himmler take it upon himself to begin killing the Jews?

Well, Himmler was Hitler's right-hand man, but mostly Hitler was the brains of the operations so the plan of the executions of the Jews was Hitler's ideas and plans. Himmler just put in charge and carried out the Final Solution for him. * In view of the scale of the holocaust, its duration and number of German SS men involved, one can safely assume that it was ordered by Hitler. In their diaries both Goebbels and Goering recorded lengthy discussions with Hitler about the Final Solution * Hitler's obsessive antisemitic raving and ranting created the political climate that made the Holocaust possible, perhaps almost inevitable. Please also see the related question.

What was Hitler's view on the Holocaust?

He approved of the Holocaust and was the one who made the Holocaust happen.

Did Jews' belief in God affect the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was about "race", not religion. The Nazis were not interested in the Jewish faith and didn't know much about it ...With very few exceptions, Jews do not believe that they were religious martyrs who "died for their faith".Obviously, if one takes a very long term view, one can say that the Jews had been demonized over the centuries because of their religion. However, the Holocaust was not about religion.

What made hitler want to kill jews?

In the World War II era, Hitler and his Nazi associates (along with many ordinary Germans) wished to kill Jews because, in their view, Jews were responsible for Germany's sufferings and hardships before and after World War I. Indeed, Nazi Germany based its rule on the claim that Jews throughout history were enemies of European civilization and would, if ever gaining the power to do so, cause further suffering for all.

Why did Hitler starve the Jews?

Concerning only the low amounts of food, Hitler starved the Jews because he believed that the Jews were not worthy of having normal portions of food allocated to them. His view was that Jews should be treated like vermin and only fed the minimal amounts necessary to keep them alive so that they could perform slave labor. As for why Hitler hated the Jews so much to push them into this position, please see the Related Questions below.

Why were the handicapped targeted during the Holocaust?

The handicapped were targeted by Hitler during the Holocaust because they did not fit into Hitler's view of a "perfect (Aryan) race/Germany" due to them having limitations as a result of their disabilities, and he thus wanted to remove them from his country.

Where can one view Holocaust videos?

You can watch a number of Holocaust videos online. One of the most popular places to view videos is YouTube, which would include many hours of Holocaust videos. There are also history websites that allow you to view Holocaust videos as well.

What are good questions to ask a Holocaust survivor?

ask them their point of view on the subject if they are comfortable talking about it ___ Be very tactful and inform yourself thoroughly about the Holocaust before meeting a survivor.

What day did Hitler say he wanted all the Jews to be killed?

No record of any such order exists, and there may never have been a single order. ... The view that the Holocaust started with a 'big bang', a 'smoking gun' of an order and so on may be incorrect. The indications are that Nazi policy on the Jews crystallized in September-November, 1941.Answer:At the Wannsee Conference of January 20, 1942, Hitler gave the order that European Jewry was to die at the hands of the Nazis. See the attached Related Link.

How did Hitler view Jewish people?

inferior race, scum of the planet new world order, evil people that only care about themselves and to have the whole planet of non Jews enslaved by the masonic Jews.