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How did Joseph end up in Egypt?

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they traveled there

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How did israelites end up in Egypt?

The Israelites ended up in Egypt as slaves.

Who was the boy that was sold by his brothers to slave traders and end up in Egypt?

Assuming you're referring to the boy in the Bible, his name was Joseph, son of Jacob.

How long was Joseph in Egypt?

Joseph was either in prison for twenty years or in Egypt for twenty years. But I think it was Joseph in Egypt for twenty years.

Which of jacob's sons ended up being sold into slavery in Egypt?


How did the brothers get caught after killing their brother Joseph?

Well, for one, they didn't actually kill their brother, Joseph. If you'll remember from Genesis -> They actually end up trading him to some Egyptians for a few pieces of silver. In reality, they never did get caught until they re-met their brother in Egypt. (Joseph is now the Second-In-Command of Egypt) but even then, Joseph has compassion on his brother's and forgives them. It's a way neat story!

Who was the pharaoh when Joseph was in Egypt?

I do not believe there is any reliable source of information that names the pharaoh of Egypt when the man known as Joseph was in Egypt.

In The Bible who is Potiphar?

Potiphar was Joseph's master while he was in Egypt. Joseph ended up in Egypt, because his brothers sold him into slavery.

In what ocean does the Euphrates river end up?


How many brothers of Joseph visited him in Egypt after he became the prime minister of Egypt?

Ten brothers visited Joseph in Egypt, Benjamin did not go.

What is the duration of Joseph in the Land of Egypt film?

The duration of Joseph in the Land of Egypt - film - is 1.33 hours.

What happened when Joseph met up with his brothers many years later in Egypt?

Joseph forgive them and went back home with his father and brothers

Who was Joseph?

Joseph was the step-father to Our Lord Savior Jesus Christ!!! Joseph in the Old Testament was a boy that his brothers sold to Egypt. Joseph married a daughter of the priest of Egypt.

When was Joseph in the Land of Egypt - film - created?

Joseph in the Land of Egypt - film - was created in 1932.

Where did Joseph govern land?

Joseph governed the land of Egypt.

How did the Hebrews end up in Egypt?

They were invited there to escape famine.

How did the people of Israel end up in Egypt?

God sent Moses to lead them out of Egypt and in to the promised land.

Why did the Hebrews flee to Egypt?

They did not flee. They emigrated to Egypt in an orderly fashion, at the invitation of Joseph (who had ended up there before them) and of the Pharaoh at that time (Genesis ch.45). They did so in order to be reunited with Joseph, and because of the famine in Canaan.

How did Joseph from the egpytain end up in jail?

JOSEPH is only 17 years old when he is taken down to Egypt. He sold to a man named Potiphar. This man works for the king of Egypt, who is called Pharaoh. Joseph works hard for his master, Potiphar. So when Joseph grows older, Potiphar puts him in charge of his whole house. Joseph grows up to be a very good-looking man, and Potiphar's wife wants him to lay in bed with him. Joseph knew that, that was wrong, and told the wife he would not do that. Potiphar's wife got very angry. When her husband came home, she lies to him and says that Joseph tried to sleep with her, Potiphar believes his wife, and got angry with Joseph. So he has him thrown into prison.

Joseph what did he send to his father 10 what?

Joseph sent ten asses (donkeys) loaded up with 'good things' of Egypt. He also sent ten she asses loaded up with corn (grain) bread and meat which were a provision for his father and family on the way back to Egypt from Canaan.

Who became the governor of Egypt?


Why did the Israelites migrate to Eygpt?

It started with Joseph, Abraham's great grandson. Joseph's brothers were jealous of their fathers love for Joseph, so they sold him to slave traders heading to Egypt. Through hard times, Joseph worked his way up from slave to 2nd in charge of Egypt! His family that lived in Canaan had a famine and his father sent Joseph's brothers up to Egypt to get food. When they found out that Joseph was alive and said they were sorry, they went back to Canaan and brought their families with them, along with Jacob, to Egypt. Soon, that would lead to the deliverance of God's people.

Why did Joseph and Mary travel to Egypt?

Joseph and Mary travled to Egypt in order to escape harod (the guy who wanted to kill Jesus)

How did Joseph became the governor of Egypt?

Joseph was in prison in Egypt, and the Pharaohs cup bearer and the baker were in prison with him, Joseph interpreted their dreams, one was hanged and the other was freed. Later Pharaoh had a dream, and Joseph interpreted the dream, pharaoh was glad . And in Genesis chapter 40 it says Joseph was made ruler over Egypt.

Was sold into slavery in bible?

Genesis 37:28 Then there passed by Midianites merchantmen; and they drew and lifted up Joseph out of the pit, and sold Joseph to the Ishmeelites for twenty pieces of silver: and they brought Joseph into Egypt

What brought Joseph to Egypt?

Genesis 37:12-36 of the Jewish Talmud and the standard Christian Bible tell the story of how Joseph found himself in Egypt.Joseph was his father's favorite child. His 11 brothers became jealous and captured him. They sold him as a slave to a passing merchant caravan on its way to Egypt. When the caravan arrived in Egypt, Joseph's owner sold him to the Pharoah's captain of the guard.As a captured slave, Joseph probably walked all the way to Egypt with the caravan. That is how Joseph came to be in Egypt.