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How did Korea gain POLITICAL independence from Japan?


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When Japan was defeated by the USA and the USSR (who had very recently recently decided to declare war on Japan after the fall of the Nazis and at the request of President Truman), Korea, a territory of Japan since 1910, was split in half much like Nazi Germany was divided between the victorious Allies. The Northern half of Korea belonged to the USSR, and the Southern Half to the USA-- this is also the root of North Korean Communism, the reason why the Korean War erupted (when Comunist North Korea tried to take over South Korea), and why there are two Koreas today.


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May 1904 is one date to consider. Other historians consider that in 1905 Japan gained control of Korea after the Russo-Japanese War. In 1910 Japan officially annexed Korea.

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While there are many things that Japan gained from Korea, here are some of the most important recorded contributions. - Korea introduced rice farming to Japan around the 3rd century B.C. - During the Three Kingdoms period, the Korean kingdom Baekje spread advanced metalworking techniques to the Japanese kingdom of Wa. - Being neighbors with China, Korea is partially credited with the spread of Confucian ideals and Buddhism to Japan. - Being relatively isolated and regarded as barbarians by the Chinese, Japan for much of history depended on Korea for trade.

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