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McCarthyism came to place during the 1940's, due to growing concerns about the threat of communism growing in both Eastern Europe and China. As a young senator, McCarthy made the public statement that more than two hundred "card-carrying" communists had infiltrated the United States government. Though, his statements were proved false, few in the press at the time stood up against McCarthy thus leading to the growth of paranoia in the US.

The term McCarthyism came to represent the paranoid hunt for the so called infiltrators. This was notoriously difficult on writers and entertainers, many of whom were labeled communist sympathizers and were unable to continue working.

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Q: How did McCarthyism come to place?
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What are differences between the Salem witch trials and McCarthyism?

they are during much different time periods. Mccarthyism took place during the 1940s, and the Salem witch trials took place in the 1640's.

Where did McCarthyism take place?

McCarthyism took place in the United States. The term was used from roughly from the late 1940s to the late 1950s. A period characterized by heightened fears of communist influence on American institutions and espionage by Soviet agents.

How did mccarthyism start?

Explain how McCarthyism affected the lives and political thinking of people in the U.S

The perspective from which the media covered anticommunism and McCarthyism?

the persepective from which the media covered anticommunism and mccarthyism

How was the McCarthyism able to happen?

McCarthyism was able to happen because people had an extreme fear of communism.

How long did mccarthyism last?

McCarthyism started after WWII in the 50's, when communism started.

What was the nickname for the 1950s?

There are several that come to mind. The Nifty Fifties. The Decade of Conformity. The Beat Generation. The Birth of Rock n Roll. McCarthyism.

Was McCarthyism justified?


In what extent was McCarthyism justified?


Which work of art was inspired by the 1950s era of mccarthyism in the US?

Which work of at was inspired by the 1950s era of McCarthyism in the United States

What does term McCarthyism refer to?

McCarthyism occured in the 1940s & 1950s, Many people in the USA were accused of being communists with no proof.

Do you think The internet increases the likelihood of McCarthyism?

I doubt that the internet increases the likelihood of McCarthyism simply because with the internet you can be exposed to several different sources of news and media. Also, one must remember that McCarthyism occurred during the second red scare which took place in the nineteen fifties, this was a time with extremely limited news sources making all news seem so much more believable and ultimate.