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Medusa was actually a very pretty woman at first. She was a priestess of Athena, all of whom had to take a vow never to love, get married or have children. one day Poseidon came to the temple to see Medusa and ended up raping her. Athena was angered, but not at Poseidon. as a fellow god, in her eyes, he could do no wrong. she was angry at Medusa. in a moment of rage, Athena cursed Medusa to be not only ugly, but so ugly that anyone who should gaze upon her eyes would be turned to stone. and then Athena banished her to live out the rest of her life at the edge of the River that is the entireness to the underworld.

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Athena is the one that turned Medusa into the horrible creature we now know her as.

no, she was still mortal, but her blood was turned to acid.

There is no chronology in the Greek myths.

Athena turned her into a monster. This is because Medusa had sexual relations with Poseidon in Athena's temple. Athena wasn't against having sex, but Medusa chose the wrong place.

Athena turned her into a monster. This is because Medusa had sexual relations with Poseidon in Athena's temple. Athena wasn't against having sex, but Medusa chose the wrong place.

AT first Medusa was a woman. Later, she defiled Athena and was turned into the snake lady fought by Perseus.

Athena turned Medusa into a monster with snakes for hair. Whenever someone looked at Medusa after she was cursed, they would be turned to stone. Athena did this to Medusa because Medusa was one of Poseidon's lovers and they one day met in Athena's temple.

Medusa is not a goddess. She is a monster. Anyone that looked at her turned into stone, and she had snakes for hair

Athena didn't kill Medusa. Perseus is the hero who did that. Athena only turned Meduas into a monster.

Athena did cause she was mad at the Gorgon for making out with Poseidon, so she turned her into a monster at her main Temple. Problem solved!

Bc she was abused him Athena's temple and couldn't protect what belonged to her.

No- she did date the god of the sea before she got turned into a monster though.

She had an affair with the sea god Poseidon and was turned into the monster she is known as by Athena.

The greek monster medusa turned people to stone.

The later classical poets write that Athena transformed Medusa into a monster as punishment for having sex with Poseidon in her shrine, although the earlier writers portray her as a monster from a monstrous family.

Medusa was turned into a monster by Goddess Athena. Medusa is and evil monster which has got a power to turn people into stone with her big, piercing eyes. She is a monster even though when she was younger she was an arrogant and beautiful lady which men would fight over. She has got a son whose name is Zytan.

no..... Medusa and Poseidon were having an affair in Athena's temple and Athena got mad so she turned Medusa into a hideous creature.

no she is his ex-girlfriend. athena caught posidon and her in athenas temple and turned her into a monster

Poseidon fell in "love" with her and tried to rape her. Medusa took refuge in Athena's temple, and after Poseidon was done with her, Athena was so outraged that she turned turned Medusa into a monster. Medusa's long, beautiful hair was turned into a bunch of snakes, and she had the destructive power to turn anyone to stone if they looked in her eyes.

no because Athena made her like that: posiedon were on a date and medusa said she looked a lot better than Athena and Athena turned her into a monster.

No. Medusa was a Gorgon, who was turned into a monster by I think Hera.pingo1387: actually, Medusa was a lovely young lady whom Poseidon was having an affair with. One day Athena caught Poseidon and Medusa making out and/or having sex in her sacred temple. Naturally, this pissed her off, so she turned Medusa and her two sisters into Gorgons.

Medusa really didn't have any responsibilities. She was a monster that turned people to stone whenever they looked at her.

No, Medusa is of Greek origin.

Medusa did not rule, she was a feared monster.

Medusa is a monster from Greek mythology. If she looks at somebody, she turns them to stone.