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Mussolini serves entered the army and served in the Italian army after world war one as the 10th Bersaglieri rifle regiment stationed at Verona. He is a well known character throughout history.

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He was a sniper in the Italian army.

10th Bersaglieri Rifle Regiment stationed at Verona

Yes. he joined the Italian Army in 1915. In 1917 he was wounded by a bomb and was sent to hospital and then home which ended his army service. Yes. Mussolini was in the Bersaglieri, elite soldiers formed by Garibaldi when Italy became a nation in the 19th Century. The Bersaglieri served creditably in WW2, and in Lebanon in 1982. They may be recognized by the bird feather plumes on their hats or helmets, and they are still elite soldiers of the Italian Army today. Instead of an enemy bomb, I think Mussolini was wounded by an Italian mortar bomb which exploded prematurely. Cashiered from the Italian Army, Mussolini decided to enter politics.....with disastrous effects to the world.

Mussolini thought he could add it very easily to his little empire.

Mussolini and the Italian Army invaded Ethiopia (it had a different name at the time) because he wanted their oil and so did Adolph Hitler. Mussolini had imperialist asperations too.

He was the Italian Dictator. Mussolini joined the Army as a sniper. He was wounded by a mortar round. He became politically active and started the Fascist movement. He became Prime Minister in 1922----a few year after World War 1. Custermen

Mussolini and his Italian army attacked Abyssiniain October 1935. King Selassie fled the country and did not return until the Allies had defeated the German/Italian forces in Italy in 1943.

He may have made some changes which this contributor is not aware of, but all I know is that he wanted a very large army, apparently with the belief that quantity would make up for a lack of quality. The Italian Army got its own steel helmet under the Mussolini Regime. Before then they were wearing WW1 French Army helmets. Perhaps it was Mussolini's idea, perhaps not. The Italian Army also had the world's first airmobile unit (the La Spezia Division) under Mussolini, and three armored divisions were created, but I am unaware if Mussolini should get the credit or someone else.

Mussolini conquered Ethiopia and Albania. Due to lack of preparation in the Italian Army, he failed to conquer Greece. After this failure, he experienced a series of losses in North Africa. Best Wishes,

because Mussolini is fat and has stretchy an*s

Benito Mussolini was the Italian Facist Party leader. Italy was axis during the second world war, so he was backed by Nazi German dictator Adolf Hitler. He basicly led the WW2 Italian Army. Mussolini led Italy into World War IIon the side of the Axis despite Franco–Italian_Agreement France against Germany in the early 1930s. Believing the war would be short-lived, he declared war on Franceand Great_Britain.

The body of water that the Italian army crossed to get to Albania is Adriatic Sea. The Italian army arrived in port of Durres in April 7th, 1939 where they faced the initial resistance by the Albanian forces led by Mujo Ulqinaku.

King Victor Emmanuel III and the new prime minister, Marshal Pietro Badoglio, secretly arranged an armistice in early September, 1943. When it was announced, the German army moved to disarm the Italian army.

Their was 4.5 Million Italian Soldiers who served Italy during world war 2

The German army , just they was in war with all the world , the worst is the Italian army , they was beated even by the french, shame on them for all eternity.

Mussolini was dismissed by the Fascist Grand Council and a day later, by the king of Italy. The reason: the fact that Italian troops were being beaten back on every front, the succesful invasion of Sicily by the Allied army and the fact that they now were bombing Rome.

In December 1934 there was a dispute between Italian and Ethiopian soldiers at the Wal-Wal oasis - 80 Km inside Abyssinia. Mussolini claimed this was Italian territory. He demanded an apology and began preparing the Italian Army for war. He invaded in October 1935

Italian Army in Russia ended in 1943.

Italian Army in Russia was created in 1942.

Italy is proud that its army did not participate in the Holocaust.

Dwight Eisenhower was the only US president to serve in the army in both world wars.

No, Sandra Day O'Connor did not serve in the Army.

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