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the battle of Karbala had a great effect on spread of shiite Islam and caused Muslims specially in understand there is two main version of Islam, Islam of Yazid and Islam of Hussain S.A.

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Islam.Sunni and Shiite are two factions of Islam.

Ismail I led the change in Iran from a majority Sunni to a majority Shiite region. Ismail I (the first Safavid) adopted Twelver Shiite Islam and began to persecute the Sunnis in Iran. This reduced their community to a small minority in the Persian heartland. He destroyed numerous Sunni mosques and grave sites as well as mandating curses against the first three Rightly-Guided Caliphs. He also imprisoned and killed large populations of Sunnis for their beliefs and compelled conversion to Shiite Islam through violence. The Safavids also spread this form of Sunni oppression through conquest Azerbaijan and of southern Iraq and imposing conversion to Shiite Islam there as well. He also fought several wars against neighboring Sunnis in Samarqand to the North and the Ottomans to the West. Among versions of Shiite Islam, Ismail I's choice of Twelver Shiite Islam over Zaydi (Fiver) or Ismaili (Sevener) Shiite Islam led to the supremacy of Twelver Shiite Islam as the dominant version and understanding of Shiite Islam. Additionally, as the largest Shiite majority country, Persia became the center of Shiite Islam, replacing Egypt which had been the former center of Shiite Islam.

Official religion of Iran is Shiite Islam, specifically Twelver Shiite Islam with the Jaafari School of Fiqh (jurisprudence).

SHIITE ISLAM is the second-largest branch of Islam.

Sunni and Shiite Islam are the two largest branches of Islam.

No. The official religion of the Safavid Empire was Shiite Islam. They were also quite zealous rulers, forcibly converting many to Shiite Islam.

the sunnu and the shiite are two main sects of islam religion.

they are two sects in islam religion.the sunni counted as majority and the the shiite counted as minority.

yes, there are Sunni & Shiite.

they are two sect or fraction of Islam religion. Sunnism as Majority and Shiite as minority are two main sects in Islam religion.

the sunni and the shiite are two main sects of islam religion.the are agree in three principles like divine unity,belief in ressurrection and prophecy.shiite,in spite of that,shiite belief in justice and imamate.

how did islam spread in africa

no. the shiiah is sect within Islam religion.

Today, Shiite Islam predominates.

The shiite and Sunni are two factions of Islam religion. first counted as minorrity and second as majority.

the Sunni and Shiite are two main sects in Islam religion first as majority and latter as minority.

Ahle Tashi (اہل تشیع) is merely the Urdu term for Shiite Islam. They are also known as Shiite-e-Ali which means 'Party/Followers of Imam Ali(a.s)'. To read about what Shiite Islam is, see the Related Question and link below.

The followers of Islam split into two factions, the Sunni and Shiite; nevertheless, the religion continued to blossom.

Shiite and Sunni as two Main sects of Islam religion. first as majority and latter as majority.

Sunni islam, shiite islam, and sufi islam are quite violent at times. Kurdish islam is less violent.

The most important spread of Islam was that it was spread by Muhummad.

Islam spread to libya by other countries

yes its allowed in Shia Islam.

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