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Vietnam was a population war. they can say what they want,but the government freaked after the population increased rapidly. therefor America targeted the nearest country that barely scraped our shoulder. it was population decrease.

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Who started Vietnam war?

America start vietnam war! Ok boi! Vietnam no start nothing!

When and where did the Vietnam war start?

1955 South Vietnam.

When did the first Vietnam War start?

The Vietnam war started in 1961, and ended in 1975.

What date did the Vietnam war start?

The Vietnam War started on November 1st, 1955.

What were the main events and key dates for the Vietnam war?

What year did the vietnam war start

When did the vietnam war start-?

The Vietnam war started in the early 1950 and ended in 1954

What time did the Vietnam start?

See website: Vietnam War

What time of the day Vietnam start?

See website: Vietnam War

How did the Australia and Vietnam war start?

Australia never fought Vietnam.

What did religion have to do with the start of this war?

Vietnam was part of the cold war.

What can you learn from the Vietnam war?

We can learn never to start a war.

Did the US start the Vietnam War?

Communists did.

How Didi the Vietnam war start?

By infiltration.

When did the US start the war with Vietnam?

in the 80s

When did Americans start Vietnam war?

in 1955

Did south Vietnam ask for help from the us at the start of the Vietnam war?


Did the Vietnam war start because Vietnam stopped the flow of goods to America?

The Vietnam War was about stopping the flow of communism. It was NOT about economic trade.

Who start the Vietnam War in 1966?

The Vietnam war started in 1962. Because that is when it looked like South Vietnam was going to fall to communism

Did the Vietnam war start before world war 2?

No WW2 was in the 1940's Vietnam was 60's

How did Americans first react to the start of the war in Vietnam?

They never heard of Vietnam before.

Why did the vitamin war start?

The Vietnam war started during the cold war. The United States entered the Vietnam war in hopes of stopping the spread of communism.

When was the Vietnam war start?

November 1, 1955

Why did the vietamese start the Vietnam war?

The North Viets did.

When did US involvement in the Vietnam war start?


Did England start the Vietnam War?

Nope. France.