How did World War 1 help Canada's independence from Britain?

It did not. If anything, the War brought a strengthening of ties among the various Colonies of the Empire- all engaged in the fight. Canada plunged in and all major units except one regiment were armed with the Canadian designed ( and somewhat unreliable) Ross rifle. The Ross rifles- named and produced by Sir Charles Ross, who was clearly a Briton. They were different in caliber (.280 Ross) and action ( straight pull, like a modern assault rifle or automatic) than the issue RA Enfields so familiar to the British. Canadian nationalism, did get a positive shot with the Ross rifles- but critics knew they had a tendency to jam, and worse still the bolt could blow out, possibly injuring the gunner, when the weapon was fired. Major reliability issues dogged the Ross, and they were not used in future wars. ( Many were sold surplus). Canadian troops were engaged with the British in such major campaigns as Vimy ridge, and a number including top ace Billy Bishop- served with the RAF under British command. Lt.Colonel Bishop was top scoring allied ace of World war I- at 72 confirmed kills.