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AnswerA couple of changes in fashion were:

One was the peekaboo hair style popular among women at the wars outset, due to women following the amazing Hollywood movie star styles.

Due to so many women being called to industrial occupations in war industries, it was requested that Hollywood stars change their styles and encourage American women to wear their hair shorter and up, this deemed necessary for safety sake when operating machinery. The request was successful.

Also, to save cloth for the war effort, dresses were made shorter. They never reached anywhere near the high hem levels of 'minis' found in the 1960's however. But the 2 piece bikini was established during this time.

Otherwise there was not a lot of thought given to fashion during the war. Most peoples' efforts went towards more tangible and practical goals.


In Britain of course, shortages and rationing slowed fashion development, and one effect of the War was the Austerity that followed it, not really lifting until the late 1950s. From contemporary photographs it seems that men's fashions were the more conservative, with an almost uniform appearance of rather drab clothes and hair styles (mainly "short back & sides" - nearly military standard) for most men for many years.

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Q: How did World War 2 affect fashion in the 1940s?
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