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How did World War 2 affect music?


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how World War 2 affect music


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how did world war 2 affect the civilians and the soldiers

They were effected in many ways like their paintings, music and dance was all changed and based on World War 2

How did World War ll Affect th U.S ecconony?

what i want to know is how did World War 2 affect money for education and in Japan what did the boys do during the war

It did not affect television since there was no television during World War 2.

World War 2 brought down economy.

The sheer scale of World War 2 affected many countries.

Two nuclear weapons ended World War 2.

President Obama was born long after World War 2.

The United States emerged from the war as superpower.

1/2 at least of the worlds population

Music played an important role during WW2. Songs were played on the radio and was used to get peoples spirits up during wartime.

They caused World War 2

because of the holocaust

WW2 prevented the total conquer of the Nazis over the world.

The Holocaust had no effect on the outcome of World War 2.

It marked the end of the war!

WWII MusicDurring world war 2 the allies listened to mostly swing and jazz music. in Europe kids in Germany would listen to siwing to be rebellious.

he didn't he would have to be very young to have done that. He did serve in the military, but not in World War 2

There dads were different and they were not accepted with normal society.

It didnt really affect the war that much. the attack was to small to affect it very much.

it didn't affect it politically

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