How did apartheid start?

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When did Apartheid start begin dismantled?

Apartheid start being dismantled in 1994

Why did apartheid start?

apartheid was mainly started for the africans

When did apartheid in America start?

America never had apartheid. Apartheid occurred in south africa.

Where did apartheid start?


Can apartheid start again?


When did apartheid start?

The South African segregation policy of Apartheid started in 1948.

When did the apartheid start in south Africa?

Apartheid started in 1948 and ended in 1989! :) but:(

Why did they start apartheid?

Apartheid was started because the whites in south Africa did not want the blacks around

When did Aparthied start?

The Apartheid started on 31st May 1910. The term 'Apartheid' only came around in 1948.

When did Apartheid start in South Africa?

During 1948

When did South African government start apartheid?

in 1948

How did apartheid start and finish?

ask rosa parks or nelson mandela

How did the South African apartheid start?

British took over south africa

When did the apartheid in South Africa start and end?

apartheid started because of the NP (national party) in 1948 and ended in 1990 with the help of heroes like Nelson Mandela

When did the blocks start to protest against apartheid in south Africa who was their leader?

Nelson Mondela

When did countries around the world start to boycott South Africa to protest apartheid?

In the 1960's

What part of speech is apartheid?

Apartheid is a noun.

Apartheid was originally brought by?


What does post apartheid mean?

It means after the apartheid era.

How did the apartheid?

The apartheid the whole thing until it in 1982.

Who started the apartheid?

Sessel John Rhodes started the apartheid.

When did the apartheid finish in South Africa?

The apartheid finished in 1994.

What is a sentence with the word apartheid?

apartheid mean i guess matha

When was Witness to Apartheid created?

Witness to Apartheid was created in 1986.

When was Apartheid Museum created?

Apartheid Museum was created in 2001.