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For the first time, the serfs were not tied to the land, and had the opportunity to work for their own benefit. Although it seemed to be a great act that would benefit the serfs above all others, this was not entirely true. The compensation of the landowners far outweighed what the serfs were able to gain. The land that they were provided, was not of the same quality the landlords kept for themselves.

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Q: How did emancipation change the lives of the Russian serfs?
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The uprising in 1848 resulted in?

The emancipation of Russian serfs

What was the emancipation of the Russian serfs?

When Alexander II freed the serfs (peasants) in Russia in 1861. The serfs were never truly freed. The Russian government bought land from the landowners to give to the serfs, but the serfs were required to repay the Russian government. These repayments took 49 years and the serfs stayed on the land until it was fully repaid.

What did Alexander II do?

I presume you mean Tsar Alexander II of the Russian Empire. He did many things, of course, but his main achievement was the emancipation, at LONG last, of the millions of Russian serfs.

What were czars motives of the emancipation of the serfs?

The Russian czar, Alexander II, wanted to compete industrially and economically with European powers. He freed the serfs, hoping to have a larger labor pool to work in industrial jobs.

Date of emancipation of serfs in Russia?


What were the economic implications for emancipation serfs and slaves?

Serfs were slaves and not a different group of people ( serf is Latin for slave). In the middle ages there was no emancipation for these people.

What has the author Roxanne Easley written?

Roxanne Easley has written: 'The emancipation of the serfs in Russia' -- subject(s): Emancipation, Arbitrators, Serfs, Civil society

The uprisings in 1848 resulted in?

the emancipation of russia serfs

Were the serfs forced to fight in the army after the emancipation in Russia?

Yes, they were. Being freed from the chains of serfdom did not make them free from government control and authority. The Russian army conscripted many peasant farmers, former serfs, into the army. The Bolshevik Soviets did the same thing during the Russian Civil War.

How were the lives of nobles different from the lives of serfs?

They ruled the serfs/slaves ( serfs are slaves) and they lived well instead of in a dirt floor hut.

Why did the Russian czars failed to improve serfs living condition?

Most likely because the serfs were considered to be lower then dirt at the time, they felt it unnecessary to improve the lives of those who aren't even considered human.

What was the largest group in the Russian Empire?

Peasants and serfs

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