Waste and Recycling

How did landfills started being a issue?

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When did landfills become an environmental issue?

When people realised that landfills:encourage vermin (rats),emit methane gas (a dangerous greenhouse gas),use up valuable land,contain a lot of valuable items that could be recycled like glass, metals, aluminum and paper.Then people realised that landfills were an important environmental issue.

How do landfills affect the biogeochemical cycles in the biosphere?

The landfills cause the ground to make it harder for us to breath because trees are being cut down to make landfills bigger.

The civil war started on the issue of slavery?

Yes, the civil war was started on the issue of slavery.

What issue started the war of 1812?

The impression issue.

Which country has the most Landfills?

China has the most landfills around billions of landfills

How can a landfill avoid pollution?

For landfills in the seas, rubbish is being filled into the sea. This will avoid land pollution, where rubbish is being stocked up and polluting the air as well. Landfills on land are concentrated in one place instead of it being all over the city.

What is happening to Americas landfills?

the landfills are overflowing

How many acres in the US are landfills?

560,000 acres are active landfills. I have no idea about old landfills

What are the benefites of recycling over landfills?

The benefits of that will be that we are stopping the earth from being in global warming

Can there be Good and bad things about landfills?

landfills can be good because if we didnt have landfills there would be garbage all over our world.We need landfills to put all the garbage in. Landfills can be bad because it can polute the air. the landfills put nitrogen in the ground and that isn't good.

What will happen if landfills fill up?

When landfills fill up, people open up new landfills.

How many landfills in the US?

there are 3,091 landfills in america

How many landfills are in the Midwest?

how many landfills are there in the midwest

Was slavery the main issue that started the war?

No. The big issue at first was states'rights

What are the causes of landfills?

The main causes of landfills are from air emissions and ground water pollution. These pollutant factors cause landfills to form/.

Was there something specific that started the world war 2 or an issue in the holocaust?

It was not an issue in the Holocaust.

How many landfills in New Zealand?

there are 90 landfills in new zealand

How are reusable bags better?

garbage creates landfills. landfills are bad.

How do you use landfills in a sentence?

There is a growing amount of landfills in the United States.

How many sanitary landfills exist in the Philippines?

The number of sanitary landfills in the Philippines is about 960. Out of these 960 sanitary landfills, 936 are open and controlled dump sites.There about 960 sanitary landfills in the Philippines. Out of this, it is estimated that over 935 sanitary landfills are controlled and open dump sites.

How many legal landfills in New Zealand?

There in 90 legal landfills in New Zealand. so that means 90 landfills are allowed to be used.

Where can you find landfills?

Landfills can be found in every state and in every county. Landfills also known as garbage dumps are run by the county of the state you live.

How are landfills and compost piles the same?

Both landfills and compost piles are both ways to collect trash. Landfills is very unhealthy, but composting is healthy.

How many landfills are in Maine?

According to the state's Web site, there are approximately 50 active landfills in the State of Maine. An interactive map revealed that there are about 200 including the inactive landfills. The bulk of these landfills are in the southern part of the state.

What does landfills means in Afrikaans?

Landfills may be translated in Afrikaans asgrondopvullings (when refering to the process)oropvullingsmateriaal (when refering to the materials used for the landfills).A landfill site is anopvullingsterrein.