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How did mile become Hannah Montana?

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Miley Became Hannah Montana By Doing A Try-Out Like Cheerleading! She Did A Try-Out,She Won, And That's How She Became Hannah Montana!

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How Hannah Montana become a star?

Her show Hannah Montana.

Where did Hannah Montana become famous?

Hannah Montana Aka Miley Cyrus became famous by auditions on ''Hannah Montana''.

What was her age when she became Hannah Montana?

she become Hannah Montana when she was 13 or 14

What age did miley become Hannah Montana?

She became Hannah Montana when she was

When did Mile Cyrus try out for the part of Hannah Montana?

Miley started to audition for the role of Hannah Montana when she was eleven years old.

When did you become Hannah Montana?

well i tryed out for singing and my dad said do you what to Hannah Montana and i said yes

What is the breed of the horse that mile rides in Hannah Montana the movie?

A quarterhorse.

When did Hannah Montana become a celebrity?

when she was six

In Hannah Montana which character is best friends with Mile Cyrus's character?


When did Miley Cyrus become known?

She became known because of her role on "Hannah Montana" as Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana.

When did Hannah Montana become a star?

Hanna Montana became a star in 2006

When did Hannah Montana become a rockstar?

Never have never will

Who inspired Tupac to become a rapper?

Hannah Montana

How did Moises arias become a actor?

Hannah Montana

What shows do Hannah Montana act in?

Hannah Montana; That's so Suite Life of Hannah Montana; Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana; Hannah Montana: The Movie and Hannah Montana: The Concert that's it

How do you become Hannah Montana?

I'm sorry, but you can never become Hannah Montana. Only Miley Cyrus can be Hannah Montana. "The Steps to Become Hannah Montana:" First, bleach your hair blond with highlights and get blunt bangs, or simply put on a wig like she does. Second, get someone to record songs under your name, sell CDs, and lipsynch at concerts. Third, obtain endorsement from Disney Channel. An Lastly, buy many sequined tank tops. This answer is, of course, hodgepodge because no one can be Hannah Montana but Hannah Monatana!

Who in the world is Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is a singer and attrese. She wears a wig to become Hannah Montana, The real her is Miley Cyrus. She played Miley Stewert in Hannah Montana episoides. Her dad Billy Ray Cyrus writes the songs. I LOVE HER! SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!

When did Hannah Montana become Hannah Montana?

When she was 13 she actually auditioned for the role off lily truscott but she made it to Hannah Montana and then her director thought that it would be nice if she actually changed her name to Hannah Montana but she didnt want to so she just made her have 2 names!

What year did miley become Hannah Montana?

Never. Miley Cyrus has always been Miley Cyrus. But Hannah Montana was created in 2005.

Why did she become Hannah Montana?

Miley became Hannah Montana because she wanted to have a normal life as well as having a life where she could be famous

Did Miley Cyrus stop Hannah Montana in the movie Hannah Montana?

She did not stop being Hannah Montana in the Hannah Montana movie

What was out first High School Musical or Hannah Montana?

It was Hannah Montana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like Hannah Montana the show !!!!

Which was the first album of Hannah Montana?

The first album made by Hannah Montana was called Hannah Montana. The Hannah Montana albums are Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana 2, Meet Miley Cyrus, Breakout, and Hannah Montana the Movie soundtrack. (the albums are in order from oldest to newest.)

When did Hannah montanta become a pop star?

Hannah Montana became a pop star in about 2006.

How dues Hannah Montana like?

i love you Hannah Montanai love you Hannah Montana