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How did people at home help the war effort in World War 1?

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March 16, 2011 3:29PM

World War one had made a big impact on living standards, Helps from Homes and Overseas is interrelated. I think the people at home had equally contributed for this war People from Houses had probably done more work than the Soldiers in the War. People from every Home, Including Women were hard working to improve the Financial and Economic Status of the War. Many volunteered to join the Red Cross, and were also serving as Nurses during this War. People in homes replaced the Soldiers who went to the war. People were encouraged to grow their own Fruits and Vegetables instead of buying them from the Market and the remains from their houses were given to the Rations. The money that the people got paid was Donated to the War, So that the Army would be Benefited. I strongly believe that people in home have equally supported the war.