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by farming and trading with the Native Americans

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There are many ways for people in Connecticut to make money such as fishing. These people can also sell baked goods.

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Q: How did people make money in Connecticut?
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How did Connecticut make money in 1700s?

how did connecticut earn money

How do you make money in Connecticut?

People may plant crops. Such as fruits and vegatables. Most people plant Tobacco.

In colonial Connecticut how people make money?

they would get a job, they had a boss, the boss gave them money after they did their job. Also a dragon ate a unicorn,in a few days.

How did the Connecticut colony make money?

by fishing and punching your grama

Do you make more money in Connecticut than in Texas?

yes but the more people get paid on average in a state the more expensive stuff are

How did people get to the colonial Connecticut?

They took a voyage from England (it costed alot of money)

How do people make a living in Connecticut?

There are many ways that people can ear a living in Connecticut, including working in movie theaters. People can also earn money by working in restaurants, grocery stores, and as police officers.

do they have any boot camp at Connecticut?

I would go with Connecticut Juvenile Boot Camp. They can really make a transformation with people who go there.

What are people who live in Connecticut called?

Connecticuts. If it was anything else it would not make sense.

Where do most people in Connecticut live?

Fartford has the most people in Connecticut

Where are people getting money from?

People get money from people or when they pay for something they can get change they make money from machines

Why did people want to settle in colony of Connecticut?

They wanted to settle into the colony connecticut because they wanted a new life and practice religion.