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Here are a few: the vast ocean to cross in the Pacific campaign, the volcanic sand beaches on Iwo Jima, mountain in any battle, river crossings, desert expanses in North Africa, the forested area that offered concealment. Almost any geographical feature presents new planning, new tactics and new strategys.

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Q: How did physical geography influence fighting in World War 2?
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China's physical geography influence the growth of its civilization by?

creating barriers to the outside world

Why is physical geography and human geography important?

They are important because people like to learn about the earth and what is going on in the world. Not only what is going on in the world; but we can also research what was happening in the world and how do they influence our life. Especially now human activities has huge influence towards our earth.

How is the study of human geography different from the study of physical geography?

Human geography teaches about human beings and their accomplishments, while physical geography teaches about the physical world we live in

How does Russia's physical geography affect its trade with the world?


What is the difference between physical and human geography?

Physical geography is the study of the earth's surface, while human geography is a social science that studies the world, its people, communities, and cultures.

Describe the relationship between physical geography and world cultures?

Physical geography typically plays some role in the development of culture. Cultural dress codes, for example, may be influenced by physical geography of the area.

Is human geography man made?

Human geography - One of the two main subfields of geography, it is the study of human use and understanding of the world and the processes which have affected it. Human geography broadly differs from physical geography in that it focuses on the built environment and how space is created, viewed, and managed by humans as well as the influence humans have on the space they occupy.

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Physical, humanEnvironmental geography, also known as integrated geography, integrative geography, or human-environment geography, is the branch of geography that studies the interactions between humans and the natural world. It looks at how human societies understand and influence the environment.Environmental geography is how we affect our surroundings e.g water pollution,oil spills,buses,cars,lorrys etcEnvironmental geography requires an understanding of the dynamics of physical geography, as well as the ways that human societies conceptualize the environment (human geography). The links between human and physical geography are less obvious than they once were, because we are increasingly buffered from the world by technology.Environmental geography provides important analytical tools for assessing the impact of humans on the environment, measuring the result of human activity on natural landforms and cycles. It is considered the third branch of geography, the other two being physical and human geography

When is geography used in the real world?

Geography is about the real world. Geography as a discipline can be split broadly into two main subsidiary fields: human geography: largely focuses on the built environment and how humans create, view, manage, and influence space. Used in town planning. physical geography: examines the natural environment and how organisms, climate, soil, water, and landforms produce and interact. Used in environmental planning

What is geograpy?

well in geography there are 3 types of geography physical geography human geography and enviromental geography physical geography is about hazads and weather. Human geography is about we do for are jobs and were we live . enviormental geography is about how we affect the world around us like pollution and good things like recycling i hoped ived helped bye

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i think so that is human geography and physical geography

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they are alike because geographers study both and they are a big part of our world

How geography started?

Since humans first started to take an interest in the physical world around them, geography has existed.

America the Beautiful is a song of geography how does it intertwine the human world with the physical world.?

The song is not a song of geography and I think you are over thinking it. It just describes how beautiful the country is and humans are all ready part of the physical.

Why is geography related to geography?

Geography studies various physical features of the world and geography also pertains to the same topics (like relief features,climate,causes of such climates..). Thus they are related.

What are the six elements of geography and how are they applied?

Elements of geography: The world in spatial system, places and regions, physical systems, human systems, environment and society, the uses of geography

How do you find the 6 elements of geography?

The six elements of geography are: -Places & regions -World in spacial terms -Human Systems -Environment & Society -Physical Systems -Uses of Geography

What has the author Oliver Harry Heintzelman written?

Oliver Harry Heintzelman has written: 'World regional geography' -- subject(s): Physical geography

How do the people relate to the physical world in Germany?

you start by doing your geography homework for poisson...

Which features of china's physical geography did not separaate its early people from the rest of the world?

THe Huang He

What role did geography play in the outbreak of World War 1?

Both human and physical geography contributed to the outbreak. Physical geography caused countries to seek more productive areas while human geography caused existence of so many opposing groups in a small land area.

What is a palaeogeographer?

A palaeogeographer is a person who is interested in palaeogeography - the study of historical geography - chiefly physical, but also political/cultural geography of the world in the geological past.

What are the six essential elements of geography?

The world in Spatial Terms, Places and Regions, Physical Systems,Human Systems, Environment and society, and The uses of Geography.

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Learning geography makes us more aware of the physical world around us, and helps to adapt for future natural changes.

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