How did poor people get money?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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Ask people for money, they're usually outside of stores with a sign that says homeless or that they lost their job or they need money. Some really nice people do give them money and with that money they buy there supplies or what they need.

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Q: How did poor people get money?
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How do poor people lost money?

poor people have not money

Does most of the money in Brazil go to the rich or poor people?

Probably to the rich people. If the poor people had a lot of money, then they wouldn't be poor. Chances are, the combined money of all the poor is less than the money of just a few wealthy people.

Explain the reason that Walter Cunningham did not want to borrow lunch money in the story To Kill a Mockingbird?

Walter did not take the money because Walter is poor and poor people did not take any money from people. It mainly show a sign if disrespect to the poor because it how's that poor people are like beggars and beg for money from people that have money. # SWAG

What Categories of poor people in Jesus time?

begged for money. what do poor people nomaly do

What do rich people need and poor people have?

rich people need NOTHING and poor people have Nothing

How do you help poor children?

By sending food and money to poor children in poor countries

How does zakat help Muslim people?

it help poor people to have money , it help rich people to leave the love of money , and it refresh the economics because when rich give money to poor people they will buy from the rich people .

What contributions did Tan Tock Seng gave Singapore?

He contributed much money to help the poor, built a hospital to treat the poor people who have no money and he donated money worldwide for poor people.

Why do poor people poach?

Not only poor people poach, people with Mercedes and Porches poach. People poach for fun, and yes, poor people can poach for money. Illegal bear parts like claws and galls sell for a LOT of money.

How did Gloria estefan help the poor people?

She made big contributions to the poor people by donating money.

What is the difference between poor people and rich people?

Rich people have more money than the poor. Some wealthy people may brag and show off that they have money but others don't! The word "Poor"doesnt always mean that they have no money, it means that they dont have enough money to pay for things- such as a nice house or car- and show it off to everybody.! Some wealthy people may have struggles in their life where they may have to loose a maximum amount of money, but they still may have enough to survive.!

Why is urbanisation faster in poor countries?

Poor countries have many poor people. Poor people want money. The most common way of legally obtaining money is to get a job. Most available jobs are concentrated in urban areas.