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Rationing sometimes decided the outcome of major battles, with the countries affected running out of supplies and being forced to concede. It was used by both sides but more aggressively by Germany and the Central Powers.

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Was there rationing in World War 1?

Yes there was!

Why did governments use rationing in World War 1?

to conserve materials

When did rationing start in Britain during World War 1?

February 1918

What are the limits on the amount of goods people could have in World War 1?


Did Germany have ration book in World War 1?

There was very strict rationing in Germany is World War I, especially toward the end of the war when there was scarcity of almost everything.

How severe was World War I rationing?

In Germany and Austria there were severe food shortages in the final stages of World War 1, and many people died of starvation.

What was the purpose of rationing during World War 1?

during the war the Germans bombed the food importations to places so there wasn't enough food- so they had to spread this small supply out evenly- hence rationing. :)

What were the effects that rationing had on the British people during World War 1?

The rationing during World War 1 had a major effect on the British people. They were forced to eat less, grow their own foods and raise their own animals for food. Clothing, gasoline and even fruits were rationed.

Where there ration books during World War I?

The European countries involved in World War 1 introduced food rationing. Obviously, this involved issuing ration-books.

How did archduke Ferdinand influence world war 1?

His assassination sparked the war

How did war world 1 influence the literature written during the 1920s?

By the experiences of the authors in world war I...

How did the literature reflect the influence of world war 1?

It didnt.

How did World War 1 influence the prohibition?

It faciitated its acceptance.

Which key economic changes occured immediately after World War 2 which had influence the present economic environment?

Influence was a plauge that occurred in world war 1 by world war 2 the plauge had gone.

How did the propaganda of World War 1 influence American literature?


Did World War 1 influence Stalin?

yes. i believe so

Were there cigarettes during World War I?

yes there were cigarettes during world war 1 though because of rationing length of smokes were only about 1 inch /2.3 cms long and stubb much longer than today

How did rationing in World War 1 compare to World War 2 rationing?

Rationing didn't start until the end of WW1, whereas in WW2 it started almost immediately. The amounts of food rationed were different. In WW2 clothing was rationed. In WW1 the poor civilians were happy with rationing as, paradoxically, they had access to more food and a better lifestyle. However the rich people were not so happy with it and attempted to get more food from the black market. There was a thriving black market during both wars.

What were people opinions at the time of World War 1?

At the onset of World War I, people believed that it was patriotic to support the war. Propaganda was used to influence the opinion of the war.

How did the federal government affect the American economy during World War 1?

They made food rationing and price controlThe World War I purchases did create a booming economy, but the Allies were limited by their ability to pay for purchases.

What are rationing coupons?

rationing coupons were copons used during world war 1 and 2. they were used so that everone would get their fair share.also because we were in short supply so the government said we have an amount of things u can buy

How did World War 2 influence the way people lived?


Did Stalin start World War 1?

No, he had no political power or influence over the governments

In the 1920s how did the cubist movement reflect the influence of World War 1?

don't know

American empire building influence the us entrance into world war 1?

To what end? The US gained no territories as a result of the First World War.

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