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The religion in ancient Greece affected the daily live of people in that it defined the role for women and often laid the ground work for major decisions. Grecian society, like many others of its time, was a male based and the women had very little say in politics or life. Women were not allowed to vote, were not considered citizens and were often married off without their consent . Religion gave the Grecian women a purpose in society; they were the mourners. Women over saw the purification rituals that would preserve the soul in the next life and this gave them a small amount of power and say in the house hold. Religion also defined daily life because of the oracles teachings. People in conflict over decisions often sought out and followed the advice of the gods. During this time period it was not uncommon to find small house shrines in Grecian homes which minor prayers were made. If an oracle was consulted on a matter it was often followed to the word for fear of the gods retribution. This allowed the priests and oracles considerable sway with the community.

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Q: How did religion affect daily life in Greece?
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