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How did religion affect life in new England colonies?


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if you were a certain religion you lived in a certain area.

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Whereas religion was the basis of life and government in the Northern colonies, the lack of religion in the Southern colonies provided the basis for agriculture.

Religion was a large and important element in the 13 colonies. The affect religion had on the people of the 13 colonies was to acknowledge that there was a Being superior to kings or to any governments. The most visible example of this are the words in the Declaration of Independence. In this historic document, it is stated with great power that it is God that has given humankind undeniable rights that cannot be denied. Another result of religion on life in the 13 colonies was the abundance of churches and the large number of religions that were free to be practised.

yes religion was a big part in the southen colonies

the american revolution was a result of the england citizens who were looking for freedom of religion and way of life.

life for the new england colonies wasn't good they were treated bad and werfe separists.

the middle colonies propietors did not care what religion you are, as long as you paid for your land. the souther colonies

The colonies were separated into the New England Colonies, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies.

New England Colonies Daily Life. Life in the New England Colonies was hard. Every family member that could walk helped with the chores.

it let them get away from the England ruler because they didn't get treated fair by not getting to have their own religion. so it improved their life by letting them believe what they want to believe.also to influence their religion on others. : )

They wanted freedom of speech, religion, etc. they wanted to start up their own way of life, government, etc.

religion is a large part in every country's daily life but it is not larger in England than all other places.

The only legal religion in England in Shakespeare's time was the Church of England. All other religions were illegal.

In the New England colonies, religion was not only important to their spiritual life, but to the way they were governed as well. In places like Massachusetts Colony, there was no separation between church and state. Society revolved around faith and piousness. In the Middle colonies, however, religion was a less important issue. Religious tolerance was practiced, and there was a clear demarcation between church and state. The Middle colonies were also the more diverse of the two, with different ethnicities and religions working together.

People were punished publicly life -APEX LEARNING

I believe that religion not only effects your life but religion is your life/ death scentence. It decides weather or not you go to heaven. I hope ive helped! love, 2016127

Why we're towns and villages important to new England life

In the American colonies, everyone had the freedom of religion. For this reason, there were many that followed major religions, and others that did not.

By letting them choice their life or religion.

Zeus affected life through religion.

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