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Q: How did songhai benin and kongo gain power?
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When did Benin gain its independent?

Benin got its independence in August 1, 1960.

When did Benin gain its independence?

Benin got its independence in August 1, 1960.

What economic advantage did Songhai gain by economic advantage did Songhai gain by expanding its territory to the north?

nothing at all becaz it was useless

What are the factors responsible for the rise and fall of benin?

Trans atlanti slave trade led to rise of Benin due to profit it gain from it

When did benin gain independence?

The Republic of Benin gained its independence from the French on August 1, 1960. The capital of Benin is Porto-Novo, and its largest city is Cotonou.

How did Askia Muhammad expand Islamic influences Songhai Empire?

Askia Muhammad gain his power and respect to get control of songbai

What were two reasons why songhai fell to the morovcans?

Two reasons why Songhai fell to the Moroccans were internal instability within the Songhai Empire, which weakened their defense against the Moroccan invasion, and the superior military technology and tactics of the Moroccan forces, particularly their effective use of gunpowder weapons.

What is a Decibel power gain?

Generally power is expressed in watts. The gain is the ratio of the output power to the input power. Gain = (output power)/(input power) if the gain is expressed in terms of log(base10) it is known as Decibel power gain Decibel power gain = Log10(Gain)dB if 1milliwatt power is taken as reference then Decibel power gain = Log10(Output power/1 milliwatt)dBm

Why were Songhai laws written in Arabic?

Songhai laws were written in Arabic because Arabic was the language of religion and learning in the Muslim world during the time of the Songhai Empire. By writing laws in Arabic, the Songhai rulers could demonstrate their adherence to Islamic principles and gain legitimacy in the eyes of the Muslim scholars and populace. Additionally, Arabic was a common language of administration and trade in the region, making it a practical choice for legal documents.

How did the phoencians gain power?

the Phoenicians gain power by...answer coming soon.

How did the king's gain of power effect Europe?

how did the kiings gain of power in europe

How do government leaders in china gain power?

do government leaders in china gain power