Songhai Empire

The Songhai Empire was an Islamic empire based in modern day western Africa. It ruled from around 1340 until their destruction at the hands of Morocco in 1591.

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Songhai Empire

What was art in songhai?

The art from Songhai is probably not what you are used to in the United States. The people of Songhai are very well known for their weaving of blankets and mats. These are elaborate cotton blankets called terabebas. They are woven by men in the town of Tera are highly prized in the town of Sahel. Along the Niger River, women palm frond mats that feature geometric designs.

Songhai Empire

What was the geography for songhai?

West Africa??

Songhai Empire

Who led the expansion of Songhai in the 1400s?

The expansion was led by Sunni Ali (SOOH-nee-ah-lee), who became ruler of Songhai in 1464

Songhai Empire

Why was trade crucial to the survival of Ghana mali and songhai?

trade was crucial to the survival of ghana mali and songhai because they needed tax and other goods to take are of their teritory.

Songhai Empire

Why did songhai become a great empire?

Songhai became a powerful empire because they controlled the river and trade with peoples to the north and south. Thus, they started gaining both wealth and power.

Songhai Empire

How did songhai geography affect your kingdom?

you tell me

Songhai Empire

What is the difference between Songhai's major cities?

they were all different sizes

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Songhai Empire

What are some major errors made by leaders to give their enemies an advantage?

I suppose this could be looked at in several ways. I would say one mistake would be the order to fire on a group of riders given by Maj. John D. Barry. Barry's 18th NCI Regiment opened fire on what they thought was the enemy, but it turned out it was General Stonewall Jackson returning from a meeting with his aides. As far as giving the enemy an advantage, I would say this was a major turning point as Old Jack was a cornerstone of the army. One of the most common (and most costly) mistakes made is failure to seize and maintain initiative. When a commander has the initiative he is able to keep the enemy off-balance and to control many factors of the engagement. He can force the enemy to: fight in less than favorable conditions, to deploy troops and delay, to spend valuable resources attempting to contain attacking forces, to react to feints which open up the flanks or the rear to attack, and to fight in terrain not suited to the enemy force's strengths. By giving up the initiative, the commander opens his own force up to these same disadvantages.

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Songhai Empire

What were the changes that took place in Australia between the years 1945 and 1972?

I was taught about Adam & Eve at primary school then in 1963 at high school we were taught evolution. Creation meant to me that I had value and had to be responsible to the christian God but evolution now meant that I was just a blob of chemicals I personally felt devalued.

Songhai Empire

When did the Songhai Empire rise and fall?

It rose in 1464 C.E.

no it rose around the early 1400s and fell in 1450. It fell because they didn't use the 3 field farming technique and the land became hard, dry and unable to farm on.

This is completely wrong... The Songhai empire rose after it reconquered Mali around 1450 CE. They fell after an internal political collapse and they were attacked by Morocco around 1540 CE. They were unprepared and already weakened by the political collapse.

Songhai Empire

Why is HIV-1 global whilst HIV-2 is remains largely confined to West Africa?

HIV-1 is by far the more virulent of the two species of HIV.

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Songhai Empire

Wildlife with songhai?

They had lions and leopards that roamed and that was their wildlife their

Songhai Empire

Fall of the Mali Ghana and the Songhai?

Mali slowly declined after the death of mansa musa kings who followed failed to stop invading Berber who soon conqured Timbuktu

Songhai Empire

Why do you think the Songhai Empire was defeated by the Moroccans?

the Songhai empire was defeated due to the lack of modern use of weapons by the Songhai military

Songhai Empire

Where is the city of kingdom Songhai?

Capitals of the kingdoms in egyptThe capital of The Old Kingdom in Egypt is Memphis, The Middle Kingdom is Itjtawy and The New Kingdom is Thebes.

The Empire of Songhai was a powerful West African state during the 15th and 16th Centuries. It's capital was the city of Gao, which is now in Mali on the river Niger.

Songhai Empire

What caused the decline of Ghana and SONGHAI?

because of religons

Songhai Empire

How did contact with other cultures change Songhai's government?

Its trade with other Muslim lands would suffer

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Songhai Empire

What was the capital of ancient Callipygia?

Since Callipygia is Greek for 'shapely buttocks', I don't see it having a capital city.

Songhai Empire

Why did songhai fall?

the Moroccan army invaded Songhai

Songhai Empire

How does Islam influence people?

Islam is a way of life and teaches us how to be peaceful. It is the fastest growing religion in the world. It has many guidelines and rules, just like any other religion, but they are very easy to follow. Many people think that Arabs and Muslims are terrorists, but they are not. Violence is the last thing on their minds. They folllow the Quran which is their holy book and is said to be the only book that hasn't changed over all the years it has been revealed to them. Muslims are very kind people and make peace with everybody.

Songhai Empire

What are the natural surroundings of songhai?


Songhai Empire

Why did Songhai Empire trade with Portugal?

Because the Portuguese dominated the Saharan trade routes.

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Songhai Empire

What are the coparisons of Maya and Gupta Empire's?

They are both very knoledgable and they faught against the Roman empire together.

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Songhai Empire

Which continent is the Inca Empire located?

The Inca Empire was located in South America in present day Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and Ecuador.


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