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How did the Celts travel?

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by boat they traveled by motercycle

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How do Celts travel?

On foot, or by horse or by chariot!

The Celts believe that the lord of the dead travel the earth on Halloween what was his name?

who was the lord of the dead

Why and where did the Celts travel?

i think yes ofcourse they traveled by big boat with dugan jakline talor

Did the Celts have pencils?

The celts did not have pencils.

What illnesses did the Celts have?

did the celts have any illnesses

Who won the battle of the Romans and Celts?


Why did the Celts attack the Romans?

The Celts where jelous of the Romans so they attack't the Romans the Celts lost

Did the Celts beat the Romans or the Romans beat the Celts?

The Romans won the battle against the Celts.

What do you call people who lived in ancient Ireland?

Celts, Tuatha de Danann, FirbolgCeltsCelts.

When did the Celts come to Britain?

When did Celts come to Britain

Were the Celts buried?

The Celts were buried in Megalithic tombs.

Who were the leaders of the Celts?

The leader of the Celts was queen boudicca

Were the Picts Celts?

The picts (the painted people) were celts.

What did the Celts enjoy doing?

what did celts enjoy doing

What continent is Celts in?

The Celts were in Europe.

How did the Celts die out?

Celts have not died out. Descendants of the Celts can be found living in Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Brittany.

Why were cattle important to the Celts?

They were there to protect the Celts ! and use for food

What gods did Celts worship?

The Celts worshipped the gods of nature.

Do the Celts speak English?

Yes the Celts do speak English

When did Cincinnati Celts end?

Cincinnati Celts ended in 1923.

When was Cincinnati Celts created?

Cincinnati Celts was created in 1910.

How did the Celts make a living?

The Celts made a living as farmers and hunters.

Where did the Celts live?

the Celts lived in a round house which they had too build

Were the Celts friendly?

The Celts were friendly. They had their morals as anyone did, and rules and laws.

Did the Celts live in Wales?

What region in Britain/UK did the Celts live?

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