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How did the Federalist Papers make an impact on people?


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The people who wrote the Federalist Papers were James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay. Their purpose was to ratify the Constitution and make the new nation a better place.

The intended purpose of the Federalist Papers was to ratify the Constitution and make the new nation a better place.

To make sure they don't die

ratify the Constitution and make the new nation a better place

to ratify the Constitution and make the new nation a better place.

To ratify the Constitution and to make the new nation a better place.

The Federalist papers, a group of writings concerning the best form of government the former British colonies could make were not written by Jefferson. Historians credit James Madison, John Jay and Alexander Hamilton as the authors.

There were three authors of the Federalist Papers.Alexander Hamilton and James Madison wrote the majority of the essays (80 of the 85), but John Jaycontributed five pieces on foreign affairs and on the Senate (Federalist Nos. 2-5 and 64). Jay may have intended to make a larger contribution, but was ill from November 1787 through mid-February 1788.

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Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay wrote a total of 85 essays that were originally published in three New York newspapers, and later compiled into a book called "The Federalist."

Anti Federalist is against the constitution and there side are weak than the federalist side, and the Federalist is for the constitution and they are trying to make the government stronger. Federalist and Anti Federalist

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The anti-federalists were people who wanted to make decisions for their own states. This is the amendment that granted that power. This allowed the people to make decisions for their own states and people, like speed limits or legal marriage age. As long as the decision wasn't already part of the ten amendments, it could be approved.

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The Great Compromise of 1787 decided how many representatives from each state would make up the Congress of the United States. The structure and the powers of Congress had already been decided at the Constitutional convention and were explained to the people by James Madison and Alexander Hamilton in the Federalist Papers.

The main reason that John Jay ended up writing essays for the Federalist Papers, is that Alexander Hamilton asked him to join the effort. Hamilton came up with the idea in October 1787, just after the U.S. Constitution was adopted the previous month and was ready to ask the states to ratify it (i.e. make it valid by getting the support of 9 of the 13 states) to replace the Articles of Confederation.Hamilton has asked William Duer, but his essays fell short. He asked Gouveneur Morris but he was too busy.The three authors, Hamilton, Madison, and Jay wrote 51, 29, and 5 essays respectively.Alexander Hamilton was the Father of the Federalist Papers.

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